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Docker training's now available in Eindhoven! GOTO Docker Night 16 April

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Docker training's now available in Eindhoven! The first training will be held on the 29 & 30 April 2015. A special VIP discount code of 10% is given to attendees of the GOTO Eindhoven Docker Night on the 16 April 2015.


Join us at our FREE GOTO Night "An Introduction to Docker” with Adrian Mouat

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Basic Android UI performance

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The base of every good app is performance. No user is willing to use an app with subpar performance, especially not with the amount of apps on the Play Store and thereby possible alternatives. In this post, we will take a look at some of the basics of Android UI performance and some of the pitfalls.

Layout Hierarchies

All Android UI are based on XML files describing the desired design. Developers are easily carried away by nesting several instances of different elements like <LinearLayout> or <RelativeLayout> to solve a layout puzzle. This can be a potential performance problem, since each elements require initialization, layout and drawing. We are talking milliseconds here, but with several layouts on-screen using, for example a <ListView>, these milliseconds get multiplied and noticeable delay could occur. Read the rest of this entry »

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GOTO Academy Trainings Overview!

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In this newsletter you will find a recap of our training offerings, the trainings schedule and we have a few treats for you, e.g. free events and the newest release on our YouTube channel. We hope you like it! 

And for a quick update...
In February we ran 3 courses: the AngularJS, Core Spring and the UX Course and they all turned out to be a big hit and they were all sold out. For March we've planned the following courses, AngularJS, Axon Immersion, Intro to Docker and What's New in Spring. Usually we organize 2 trainings a month, and with 3 trainings in February and 4 in March, we are excited to see that the GOTO Academy is growing.

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Bridging the Gap: An Interview with Chicago User Group Leaders

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It’s no secret that Chicago is an incredible city with a vibrant history, passionate sports fans, and very cold weather. However, what many people are starting to realize is that Chicago is also an up-and-coming home for the Tech Industry: with companies like 1871 and WeWork serving as incubators for newly hatched start-ups, the space is ripe with young companies and skilled developers. So the question has to be asked, who is keeping this rapidly developing community together?

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Developing .NET software on Linux with Mono

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The motivation

The obvious question here is why would you want to develop .NET software on Linux or for Linux? At the risk of sounding like throwing buzzwords around, I will say it is because Linux dominates the cloud completely. Many cloud-related technologies such as Docker, Mesos, and others build on Linux as a base. Sure, it is possible to run Windows in the cloud one way or another, but it is really hard to match the flexibility of Linux, especially when running more than just a few instances.

Quite recently Microsoft announced open-sourcing of .NET Core paving new grounds for a truly cross-platform .NET implementation. It has already been possible to run a lot of .NET software on Linux and OSX for quite some time on an independent .NET implementation called Mono, and now Microsoft is saying that they will work with the Mono project on a common code base that will eventually become the .NET core. In fact, Microsoft has been close to Xamarin, a company behind Mono, for a while now, so this step is not that surprising.

But how usable is Mono right now? That is what I set out to find out in my little experiment. Read the rest of this entry »

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Trifork NewsBite Feb 2015

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Trifork news bit 2

Dear Reader,

It’s been an exciting start to 2015. We have several news items that we would like to share with you. Our new launch of our new global website and we have plenty of meetup activities and GOTO nights planned for the agenda that you don’t want to miss. We are thrilled to announce the new Docker training's are now available through our Trifork GOTO academy .We are creating momentum in the education market with our Brightcenter proposition and an introduction to our Eindhoven team who are actively involved in driving successful client engagements supporting our core customer needs in the the Southern part of Holland. Read on to learn more about all of this!


We are delighted to reveal our newly designed website for The Trifork Group, feel free to Take a Peek!

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Active cache eviction with Ehcache and Spring Framework

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Caching is an essential to the majority of web applications. Let's face it: most of the work done in an average web application (especially public ones) is repetitive, either the same user requesting the same information multiple times, or multiple users requesting the same information. The question is always: "How long do I cache"?

We just finished building the new website for a well-known Dutch newspaper. The old website had a 15 minute TTL cache and we knew that wasn't going to cut it in the new website. Visitors want to see new articles and updates to articles the minute they're published, not 15 minutes later. Therefore, we developed a scalable caching mechanism with active, fine-grained cache invalidation using just EhCache along with Java and Spring concepts you're probably already familiar with. The solution we developed works in a distributed environment without the need for expensive distributed cache solutions.

In this blog post I'll describe how we did it.

The setup

Our website shows lists of articles. Only the title and a summary are shown. Clicking on the article will retrieve and display the full article. Articles can contain pictures. The first picture is used as the headline picture, and is shown with the article summary in article lists. Read the rest of this entry »

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ANWB Big data Proof of Concept

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At the ANWB people are constantly trying to improve the services they provide. One of these services is to provide traffic information. In the Netherlands the National Data Warehouse for Traffic Information (NDW) provides an enormous database of both real-time and historic traffic data.

This data comes from many different sources and is available as open data. Wouldn’t it be great if the ANWB could use this open data to provide more accurate traffic information, either in real-time or as a prediction for a certain period? In a proof of concept we have collected and analysed the real-time traffic information to calculate the traffic intensity on the roads using elasticsearch. We also used weather information to see if the weather has influence on the need of roadside assistance.

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GOTO Update - GOTO Night Docker & Conference update

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Docker - An Introduction & Its Uses

Monday 19th of January we held the first GOTO Night of 2015. This evening was about Docker and was hosted by ABN AMRO.

ABN AMRO welcomes everybody

Over 110 registered users, listened to Adrian Mouat explaining why Docker is such an exciting technology. After the break we had an interactive session between the panel, consisting of Jamie Dobson and Adrian Mouat, and the audience. This Question & Answer session was led by Mark Coleman. Read the rest of this entry »

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GOTO Academy NL! NEW. Docker Trainings!

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Take a look at the upcoming events and trainings schedule! Free Events, Videos, New Trainings including Docker!


  • The GOTO Academy is very proud to share with you that we have started to organize Docker trainings! The first training will be held March 11 & 12. Read more further below.


  • Thursday, February 12, we will host the NG-NL Pre-Party organized by the Dutch AngularJS Meetup Group, at our office. Henk van den Brink will present the party keynote about "Contributing to open source projects", after which it's time to mingle and have some drinks! RSVP NOW!


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