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iOS Development Tips & Tricks – Part II

March 27th, 2014 by

To continue my previous blog, iOS Development Tips & Tricks – Part I, in which I explain what tools I think are best to use for iOS development, I want to dive more into the actual code and tell you about my most used and therefore favourite frameworks in iOS.

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iOS Development Tips & Tricks – Part I

December 19th, 2013 by

As you might know, I am very fond of developing apps for the iOS platform. I started back in mid-2009 by trying to create an app for the Dutch Lowlands festival but I unfortunately failed to make the app a reality. I didn’t care because now I learned how to write iPhone apps!

After that I never stopped trying out new app ideas in my spare time and occasionally blogging about it. In 2010, I created an app to use to communicate with friends using our custom forum-like website which was called ‘Yert’.

EasyCalendarAnd later, March 2011, I created an app in my spare time together with my uncle (Jos Jong) and brother (Jim van Zummeren) which turned out to be quite profitable: Easy Calendar. I learned the most creating this app. I also developed some iOS apps for clients of Trifork, for example I made the love to load app for The New Motion and an app that allows doctors to log their hours for GeriMedica: Ysis Mobiel.

Oh, and I almost forgot: Learn to write with Tracy! An iPad app that makes learning how to write for children more fun and thus effective.Tracy

Next to the apps that made it into the App Store, I worked on a bunch of other ideas in my spare time that unfortunately never saw the light of day. But I learned from them every time. I want to share some tips & tricks with you all, which I learned over time. I want to talk about what tools I use nowadays, what frameworks I recommend and the different ways of distributing an app.
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iOS 7

November 27th, 2013 by


Better late than never, a blog about iOS 7! I want to talk about some different subjects concerning iOS 7 both from a user’s as from a developer’s perspective.
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Apportable (a much better alternative to Phonegap) and AFNetworking 2.0

October 22nd, 2013 by

cocoahead_sm2On October 16th I attended CocoaHeads, an iOS developer meetup that is organized every few months by Peter Robinett of Bubble Foundry and other volunteers. Every time it’s hosted at a different location. It was previously hosted at Spil Games, Xebia and NOS. This time it was hosted at eBuddy. The formula is simple: great speakers show up and talk about interesting frameworks, hacks, tricks and so on. During the presentations, attendees can enjoy some free drinks and food.

This was the fourth time I went and it was the best edition yet! That’s why I decided to blog about it this time. I believe this was the best edition because there were talks given by two speakers from San Fransisco: Matt Thompson and Zac Bowling and they talked about some pretty interesting and even mind blowing topics.

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Developing apps for the Pebble smart watch

June 18th, 2013 by


In this blog I want to talk about Pebble. A watch that can connect to your smart phone (both iPhone and Android) via Bluetooth to do all sorts of cool stuff a regular watch can’t do. Among the cool things you can do with it is install apps, which you can write yourself. As a geek and iPhone owner, I find this possibility especially interesting! I want to give an impression of what Pebble is, what it can do and how you can get started developing apps for this watch!

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Apple WWDC Keynote 2013 – My opinion

June 12th, 2013 by

AppleIf you haven’t already you should all watch Apple’s WWDC keynote that was streamed live from San Francisco earlier this week; some really interesting things were announced. At least that’s how I see it and in this blog entry I’ll give you my thoughts on some of my highlights, but there were so many small things they covered which you really have to see (or experience) instead of reading about it. Anyway, if you don’t want to watch the 2-hour keynote, then this blog entry provides you with a good alternative…

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Tech Meeting on November 1st will be all about iOS!

October 19th, 2012 by

Next tech meeting isn’t about anything related to Java, but it is targeted towards Java developers. Together with my uncle Jos Jong I will first give you all a brief introduction to Objective C and iOS and compare it a little to Java. Also we will try to convince you that Objective C is a cool language worth looking into and playing around with! I will even give you a live coding demo of creating an app from scratch. Hopefully you will get inspired to start creating an app yourself!

After the pizza & beer break we will go into more detail about the iPhone app we developed together called Easy Calendar. This app was released in the first quarter of 2011. We will tell you all about how the app evolved into what it is today. We will cover the experiences we’ve had with developing, marketing and creating the graphical design for the app. Also, we will tell you about how we dealt with the bigger display which comes with the new iPhone 5.

If you’re interested, you can sign up here (don’t worry, it’s free!): Hopefully we’ll see you all there!

Tom van Zummeren
Jos Jong

Ysis Mobiel – an iPhone app in Healthcare

September 20th, 2012 by

Hi! My name is Byron Voorbach. I am an intern at Orange11 as a software developer since february 2012. During my time at Orange11 I have been given the opportunity to work at some great applications. Ysis Mobiel for our client Gerimedica is one of those applications. Since I am fairly new to the company this will hopefully be my first (of many) blog posts.

Ysis Mobiel is an iPhone application for one of our customers in the Heathcare sector, GeriMedica. Please check out the case study to read more about the application and what it does.

The Mobile team at Orange11 have already developed a lot of pretty cool apps. Two of which I’ve been involved with from the sidelines are The New Motion & Learning to Write with Tracy. But with the Ysis Mobiel app, I was properly involved from day one, and I really gained insight as to how to integrate cool features such as:

  • providing security by logging in users with a simple pin code
  • give the users the ability to work without an active internet connection
  • figure out ways to optimise the user interaction within the application, trying to come up with a way to have users interact as quickly, easily and effectively as possible

But next to those challenges, I had a real drive to make the application a success, because first of all, it is part of a bigger project the Electronic Health Records (EHR) that Orange11 develops and on the other hand because as part of my studies I created something similar to this application, so could really relate back to its purpose. Anyway, the app is in the App Store and the feedback we have from GeriMedica to date from the first customer demos are really positive. I am already exciting about working on more mobile apps and I look forward to sharing more of my experiences on the Orange11 blog too. For now, you can read more about Ysis Mobiel in the Gerimedica / Ysis Mobiel case study on our website.

Summer time…

September 4th, 2012 by

For those you may have missed our newsletter last week I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a quick lowdown of what we’ve been up to. The summer months have been far from quiet and I’m pretty excited to share in this month’s edition lots of news on projects, products & upcoming events.

Hippo & Orange11

hippo logoThe countdown has begun for the launch of The University of Amsterdam online platform. Built by Orange11 with the use of Hippo CMS the website developed with multi-platform functionality in mind is a masterpiece of technology all woven together. We’ll keep you posted about the tips & tricks we implemented.

If you can’t wait until then and want more information, contact Jan-Willem van Roekel.

Mobile Apps; just part of the service!

new motion appWe mentioned in our last newsletter the launch of Learn to write with Tracy. Well since then we’ve been working on apps for many customers including for example The New Motion, a company dedicated to the use of Electric Vehicles. Orange11 has developed an iPhone app that allows users to view or search load locations (in list or map form) and even check real-time availability of these.

ysis screenAnother example is the app for GeriMedica;Ysis Mobiel, a mobile addition to their existing Electronic Health Record database used largely in Geriatric care (also an Orange11 project). The mobile app supports specific work processes allows registered users to document (in line with the strict regulations) all patient related interaction through a simple 3-step logging process. A registration overview screen also shows the latest activities registered, which prevents co-workers from accidentally registering the same activity twice.

Visit our website for more on our mobile expertise.

Orange11 & MongoDB 

mongoDB logo

We’ve got tons of exciting things going on with MongoDB as trusted implementation partner so here are a few highlights:

Brown bag sessions

Since the launch of our brown bag sessions we’re excited that so many companies are interested to find out more this innovative open source document database. What we offer is a 60 minute slot with an Orange11 & MongoDB expert, who can educate & demonstrate MongoDB best practices & cover how it can be used in practice. It’s our sneak preview to you of the host of opportunities there are with MongoDB.

Sign up now!

Tech meeting / User Group Meeting

As a partner we’re also proud to host the next user group session on Thursday 6th September, whereby Chief Technical Director, Alvin Richards will be here to cover all the product ins & outs and share some use cases.

Don’t miss out & join usas always it’s free & pizza and cold beer on the house!

Coffee Cookies, Conversation & Customers

Last week we invited some of our customers to a brainstorm session around the new Cookie Law in the Netherlands. Together with Eric Verhelst, a lawyer specialized in the IT industry, Intellectual Property, Internet and Privacy we provided our customers with legal insight and discussed what their concerns & ideas were around solutions. If you have any questions around the new cookie law and are looking for advice, answers & solutions, contact Peter Meijer.

ElasticSearch has just got bigger

es logoCongratulations to our former CEO, Steven Schuurman who announced his new venture:ElasticSearch, the company. The company’s product “elasticsearch”, is an innovative and advanced open source distributed search engine. The combination of Steven joining forces with elasticsearch founder & originator Shay Banon and his background as co-founder of SpringSource, the company behind the popular Spring Framework, (also close to our heart at Orange11) it’s bound to be a great success. The company offers users and potential users of elasticsearch a definitive source for support, education and guidance with respect to developing, deploying and running elasticsearch in production environments. As Search remains a key focus area for Orange11, with our experience in both Solr and elasticsearch, our customers are guaranteed the best search solution available. For more info contact Bram Smeets. 

Our team is getting bigger & better

beach eventsWe’re happy to welcome Michel Vermeulen to the team this month. Michel is an experienced Project Manager and will further professionalize our agile development organization. We also have new talent starting next month, BUT there is room for more.

So if you’re a developer and wanna work on great project with a fun team (left: snapshot from our company beach event) then call Bram Smeets now.

That’s all for now folks….

The New Motion: ‘Love to Load’ iPhone app

August 14th, 2012 by

The New Motion is enabling mobility based on renewable energy. Orange11 has developed an iPhone app for The New Motion that allows you to find load locations (list or map view), showing you the locations nearest to you and also showing realtime availability. And of course, it is possible to search for a specific load location.

We are happy to announce that the app has been accepted in the Apple App Store.

For more information see:
The New Motion – Love to Load