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Java Meetup June 5th – IMPORTANT CHANGES & RSVP

May 18th, 2009 by

Last few times we organized the Java Meetup there was just beer and talks. This time, it’s going to be a little bit different. When I ran into the Trifork folks at SpringOne a few weeks ago, Iben (one of the girls from Trifork) suggested we do a few presentations. She’d love to come to Amsterdam to see what the Java crowd is like here and to get some input on their various conferences around the world (JAOO, InfoQ, et cetera).

That’s why we’ve changed the format and the location somewhat.

First of all, we’re going to have some technical content. Don’t worry, no boring 90 minute long sessions on a Friday evening. Just 2 stand-up, 30 minute (max) talks. This is a first for me and if this is successful, I’d like to try this out more often.

The first talk will be about SpringSource’s new tc Server offering. Joris Kuipers will tell us all about what tc Server has to offer on top of Tomcat to make it a true replacements for some of the more heavyweight application servers out there.

Next, Uri Boness and Chris Male will update you on their activities around Solr, the revolutionary open source search technology. They’ve done some quite amazing work the last few weeks around a GWT-based client (that can be seen at and various other things.

Again, these are just going to be two short, 30 minute sessions with a short in-between break to get some refreshments.

Apart from the format, we’ve also changed the venue for this event. Because it’s summer and changes are the weather is going to be nice, we though De Jaren wasn’t such a good place to be. They have an outside place, but that’s always packed. We’re organizing it at Werck this time on the Prinsengracht. This venue has a nice open area that we can use for presentations and also has a roof terrace in case the weather proves to be nice.

In order to attend the presentations, you will have to register. There’s no cost involved, but we just need to tell us you’re coming, as there is a limit on the amount of people that will be able to join in for the presentation. Important to note is that the drinks can still be attended by everybody, registration is only required for the sessions.

Some more practical details:

What: Java Meetup with technical sessions
Where: Werck, Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, next to the Anne Frank Huis.
When: Friday June 5th, starting 17.00 (with drinks after 18.30)
Costs: none
Registration (for the sessions): here


17.00 – 17.15: Welcome and registration
17.15 – 17.45: Stand up session on tc Server by Joris Kuipers.
Earlier this year, SpringSource announced the GA release of its tc Server. In this session, Joris Kuipers will explain what tc Server is and what benefits it provides by adding monitoring and managing capabilities to a cluster of Tomcat Servers. Attendants will get a good idea of what we mean by “The Tomcat you know, the Enterprise capabilities you need!” after attending.

18.00 – 18.30: Stand-up session on Lucene & Solr by Uri Boness & Chris Male.
With Lucene enjoying an installed base of over 4000 organizations worldwide and a growing number of companies taking advantage of Solr, the web based search server that uses the Lucene library, Enterprise Search is no longer the exclusive domain of commercial giants such as Autonomy, Fast, Endeca, and Google. In this session we will introduce you to some of the capabilities of open source products such as Solr, Lucene and Nutch. To illustrate these apabilities we’ll be using Solr Explorer – a powerful Solr client developed by JTeam.

18.30 – ?
Drinks on the house!
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