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JTeam Search Symposium – Session Topics

November 11th, 2009 by

Tomorrow, JTeam is hosting the second edition of our Search Symposium. The following two session (see read more / below) will be presented and will serve as input for the discussion afterward. If you are working in the search domain and would like to join us, sign up by sending an email to:
Hope to see you all there!

Matching requirements & business needs in search applications

by Ruud Kluivers from Wolters Kluwer

During this session, Ruud Kluivers will discuss how to define requirements and some of the challenges in that. He will then focus on translating those requirements into the right solution. Discussing some alternative search solutions, he will give his vision on what works and what doesn’t.

About Ruud Kluivers
Ruud Kluivers has been working in the publishing business for over twenty years. He is responsible for managing IT and driving innovation.

Europeana: discover Europeana Cultural Heritage through space and time

by Sjoerd Siebinga from Europeana

Europeana aims to bring together digitised objects from the four European Cultural Heritage domains, namely Archives, Audio-Visual Archives, Libraries, and Museums. A prototype of the Europeana portal was released in the fall of 2008, see The operational service will be released in July 2010.

In this presentation, I would like to focus on some of the blue sky goals for the coming years. In particular how we aim to make discovery of cultural heritage possible by exploiting temporal and spatial relations of objects. For example, if one searches for Beethoven’s 9th symphony, you should get the ability to see the original score, watch a performance, view an image of the house the score was written in or find items contemporary items from the city Beethoven was living in. In short we will discuss, how we can bring together European cultural heritage to transcend cultural, national, linguistic, and temporal boundaries.

About Sjoerd Siebinga
Sjoerd Siebinga (1977) is a computer linguist who studied Historical Linguistics, Old Germanic Comparative Philology and Frisian at the University of Amsterdam. Before joining the Europeana core development team in September 2009, he worked for the Frisian research institute ‘Fryske Akademy’ in Leeuwarden, the ‘Dutch institute for Lexicology’ (INL) in Leiden, and the Europeana Library office in the Hague. Some of the projects he has worked on in the recent past are Corpus Spoken Frisian (a corpus based on dialectal and sociological selected transcribed spoken Frisian audio-material), Dutch integrated language database (a diachronic database of 8th to the 21st century Dutch), the Old-Frisian Etymological Dictionary with Dirk Boutkan (Brill: 2005), the new Indo-European Etymological Dictionary (IEED) project by the Leiden University Department of Comparative Linguistics, and the migration to Java of the European Library Portal. Sjoerd currently works as lead developer on the Europeana framework, with a special focus on cross-domain multilingual search and semantic enrichment of ingested metadata records.

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