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Spatial Search Plugin (SSP) and Explorer for Apache Solr

September 15th, 2011 by

On the request of the Apache Lucene Project Management Committee (PMC) JTeam will be changing the names of  two of our products. As of immediate affect we will no longer be using the names Spatial Solr Plugin (SSP) and Solr Explorer. The current names are too similar to Solr, a trademarked product of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

Our products will now be known as:

From now on, we will use these names to refer to these products. As agreed with the Lucene PMC we have decided not to change the names in retrospect (old news items, blog entries, etc). However, all product pages and references now use the new name. Please notify us if you find any references that you feel might need to change in addition. We also have added proper attributions to the Apache projects in the footer of all pages within the JTeam site. This includes links to the respective projects.

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