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GOTO Amsterdam 2012, May 24-25

January 2nd, 2012 by

Yes, GOTO Amsterdam is back! Our first software development conference co-organized with Trifork last year proved a winning success. We had over 225 attendees, 50% of which were developers and 77% of which were based in the Netherlands; as discussed in my past GOTO retrospect, this event was a huge success and very well received….the KPI measured in number of beers consumed in 48 hours rocked well over the 650 mark!

Because of its success, we have decided to go ahead and schedule the next GOTO Amsterdam. Save the dates for this year: May 24th & 25th 2012, with more details about the program to follow in the upcoming weeks.

GOTO Night #1 sign up now

The popular free GOTO nights will be back too, with the first one scheduled for Thursday 26th January hosted by Marktplaats in Amsterdam. This event will include an open space brainstorm session to allow for your input, but also feature a special presentation from Jørn Larsen featuring a case study “Riak on Drugs (and the other way around)”.

Registration is open, so sign up today!

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