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January Newsletter

January 25th, 2012 by

Once again, the festive season is behind us and we all start the year as always with a bunch of new years resolutions. At Dutchworks we have made a few of our own too and we’re totally committed to achieving them. Our goals are to:

  1. Recruit the top talent in the industry and engage them with colleagues, customers & projects they can be proud of
  2. Achieve maximum project delivery reliability by striving for top quality & a rock solid delivery process
  3. Explore our key business domains (even more) and gain maximum exposure and experience in these markets.

Watch this space, as we’ll keep you posted on how we are getting on as the year progresses.

A brief round of introductions

So addressing our first good intention mentioned above, we are proud to welcome a host of new starters in January. A quick who’s who:

  • Joris Kuipers: Manager Technology Delivery. With a focus on quality & processes, Joris joins us from SpringSource where he was a senior consultant and trainer. Prior to this he has worked as a Java consultant & software engineer for the Dutch Central Bank. Joris will spend most of his time ensuring the quality of the systems that we build for our customers, by working closely with all the Dutchworks architects.
  • Jan Willem van Roekel: Field Manager Education and Research. Working towards our goal of creating even more presence in the Education domain, Jan Willem joins us from Wageningen University and Research center, where he was IT account manager/service manager. Before the University his experience was in sales at Brilliant Hotelsoftware
  • Jan Groot: An all-round experienced software developer that started as a tester and thereafter spent the last 8 years as Java developer. Jan joins us from KLM where he worked for over 5 years.
  • Pavel Tzekov: Pavel also a Java developer comes from ASR Verzekeringen (Insurance) where he spent 4 years working on a number of different software projects.
  • Joanne Boerstoel: An experienced Scrum master joining us from Leaseplan. In prior rolls Joanne has worked as a Senior Developer / Analyst at Micobais.

Class of 2012 – bringing even more innovation to the classroom

The award winning Digi-Trainer produced by Dutchworks for ThiemeMeulenhoff will be used as the starting point to build a complete new product known as the Oefenmodule (Exercise Module & Dashboard), due for release in the course of this year. Digi-Trainer is the online tool that trains students to prepare for digital examinations. It has been extremely successful in allowing students to learn and work at their own pace yet under the careful watch and guidance of their teaching staff. The new Oefenmodule & Dashboard will allow students in a similar way to practice exercises and enable teaching staff to keep track of progress via the dashboard. The expectations are that this tool is likely to be just as successful as the Digi-Trainer itself. To find out more drop us an email at or contact us via our website.

GOTO Amsterdam gets speakers onboard

No more save the dates needed, sign up now as registration is open with a special opening fee available to everyone that signs up before February 1st. Thereafter the prices go up, so be sure to get in there now to avoid disappointment later!

Just a sneak preview into our line up; once again we have had no trouble getting on board some top speakers, to name a few, the following will be joining us:

Simon Brown – independent consultant based in Jersey, the founder of “Coding the Architecture” and either a software architect who codes or a software developer who understands architecture. Having successfully delivered a variety of projects on the .NET and Java platforms, Simon now uses his experience to train and coach teams in delivering better software.

Anton Keks – software craftsman, co-founder of Codeborne, the only extreme programming shop in the region, frequent speaker at conferences, and a lecturer in Tallinn Technical University. He is also a strong believer in open-source software and agile development methodologies, author of a popular network tool – Angry IP Scanner, and a regular contributor to other open-source projects.

John-Henry Harris – creative designer. His thought-provoking environmental and social design philosophies, displayed at the 2008 New Designers exhibition in London, won him a dream job innovating toys at LEGO, where his passion now lies in spreading the essence of Play worldwide. With his vast knowledge of the building system John-Henry hopes to transfer LEGO principles and logic into other fields of study and business entrepreneurship.

Pavlo Baron – He has gained knowledge of and put in to practice a wide variety of technologies. He works for codecentric, a german consulting company, as their lead architect. His passion is hacking Erlang code and playing with distributed systems and large data sets, something he even enjoys doing in his spare time.

For more information visit the website.

GOTO Night #1 sign up now

The popular FREE GOTO nights are back, with the first one scheduled for this Thursday 26th January hosted by Marktplaats in Amsterdam. This event will include an open space brainstorm session to allow for your input, but also feature a special presentation from Jørn Larsen featuring a case study “Riak on Drugs (and the other way around)”. Registration is open, so sign up today!

CQRS Workshop: Last few slots if you’re lucky!

The session scheduled this Friday for the Introduction to CQRS workshop has a few final openings. If you want to learn all about how to apply CQRS to your existing architecture from the founder of the Axon Framework, Allard Buijze, you better be quick.

You’ll return to work with all the skills and knowledge you need to start benefiting from CQRS.

WHERE: Amsterdam, Netherlands
COSTS: EUR 250 – (excl. VAT)
WHEN: Friday 27th January, 2012


2012 Tech Meetings start in February

Save the date; as always the first Thursday of the month, where we offer you the chance to join us at for (free) pizza & beer, but more importantly to an informal session covering a vast number of interesting topics. This year the plan is to invite even more external speakers from within the industry, including some of our customers, and if you have any suggestions for areas of interest or want to contribute yourself then please get in touch.

The first session will start Thursday 2nd Feb 2012 covering:

  • Linux Shell for Noobs by Rik van den Ende
  • XML databases by Erik Siegel

Sign up now! 

Download slides from December tech meeting

If you did not make it to our last session no problem, the slides are available for download below:

Wanna be a part of the team?

Then we’re always happy to hear from you, our current vacancies include:

Hope you had a good read, more next month!

Regards, Dutchworks

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