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Ysis Mobiel – an iPhone app in Healthcare

September 20th, 2012 by

Hi! My name is Byron Voorbach. I am an intern at Orange11 as a software developer since february 2012. During my time at Orange11 I have been given the opportunity to work at some great applications. Ysis Mobiel for our client Gerimedica is one of those applications. Since I am fairly new to the company this will hopefully be my first (of many) blog posts.

Ysis Mobiel is an iPhone application for one of our customers in the Heathcare sector, GeriMedica. Please check out the case study to read more about the application and what it does.

The Mobile team at Orange11 have already developed a lot of pretty cool apps. Two of which I’ve been involved with from the sidelines are The New Motion & Learning to Write with Tracy. But with the Ysis Mobiel app, I was properly involved from day one, and I really gained insight as to how to integrate cool features such as:

  • providing security by logging in users with a simple pin code
  • give the users the ability to work without an active internet connection
  • figure out ways to optimise the user interaction within the application, trying to come up with a way to have users interact as quickly, easily and effectively as possible

But next to those challenges, I had a real drive to make the application a success, because first of all, it is part of a bigger project the Electronic Health Records (EHR) that Orange11 develops and on the other hand because as part of my studies I created something similar to this application, so could really relate back to its purpose. Anyway, the app is in the App Store and the feedback we have from GeriMedica to date from the first customer demos are really positive. I am already exciting about working on more mobile apps and I look forward to sharing more of my experiences on the Orange11 blog too. For now, you can read more about Ysis Mobiel in the Gerimedica / Ysis Mobiel case study on our website.

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  1. September 20, 2012 at 11:20 by Lars Stolwijk

    Interesting app with a lot of potential. As long as it has a fully fail proof experience, the outcome will be excellent.