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GOTO Amsterdam bonding with the community!

October 16th, 2012 by

As I have probably mentioned in previous blogs, next year we are planning the third annual GOTO Amsterdam conference designed for software developers, IT architects and project managers. For those who don’t know it GOTO Amsterdam offers ideal opportunities for learning, networking and tracking innovation occurring in Software Development, HTML5, JVM, Mobile, Big Data, OpenSource, Lean/Agile, Architecture, New Languages & much more. The conference will have a total of 4 simultaneous tracks with over 40 presentations being showcased in Amsterdam. Our mostly international speakers are authors, experts and practitioners across various areas of software development and that is why we work with the local community and meet up groups to create an event that is tailored to what the developers are looking for.

Working with the community is not only about brainstorming the content of what we should cover like we did with the open space session last month, but it is also supporting the community throughout the year with their own events, either combining these with our GOTO nights or sponsoring a local meet up. That is exactly what we’re proud to announce this month when GOTO Amsterdam will sponsor the lunch at the October Amsterdam Clojure meeting. This is the biggest event in the Netherlands around Clojure and its vibrant community and ecosystem. The full day event is FREE and includes lots of presentations, fun and Clojure hackers. See the full schedule and sign up now. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

Furthermore, far out one of the biggest community in the Java space is the Dutch Java User Group (NL-JUG), and GOTO Amsterdam and Trifork are now not only one of the business partners but will also be at the J-Fall event at the end of this month, on Oct. 31 in Nijkerk. If you are going, don’t miss the chance to visit the Trifork / GOTO Amsterdam stand as there will also be a unique chance to win tickets for GOTO Amsterdam 2013.

Don’t forget GOTO Amsterdam is independent and members of the Program Advisory Board are free to choose whom they would like to invite. This independence allows us to attract great speakers and make events that we as developers, project managers and business leaders would like to attend ourselves. That’s the basic philosophy. So if you have a suggestion for a GOTO night, speaker, track, or any ideas you want to share just email us or send your proposal via the website.

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