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Mark your calendars: 12-12-12 – GOTO Night Amsterdam – Erik Meijer and Timan Rebel

November 22nd, 2012 by

The first GOTO Night is a fact! With Erik Meijer and Timan Rebel!

Yes! It’s time for the first GOTO Night in the run toward our highly valued event GOTO Amsterdam 2013. We have been able to attract great names for this evening for which we are very proud. Every year we organize the GOTO Amsterdam event and in 2013 we are happy to announce the third GOTO Amsterdam edition. To give an idea on this event, we are eager on organizing GOTO Nights and we already had several in the previous years. At the previous GOTO Nights we welcomed Shay Banon (Founder of Elasticsearch), Kresten Krab, Karl Krukow, Michael Franken, Jim Webber and many others.

Erik Meijer

On the already legendary date 12-12-12, Erik Meijer will share his ideas in his talk ‘Open Sytems – Actors and Cloud’. In this talk he will discuss the evolution from the pre-cloud era to an era where highly available stateful actors use a programming model for the outside of the cloud while still allowing for the traditional programming models on the inside. Erik is a speaker who is much known in the developer spheres. His strength is that he takes difficult problems and he shows how these can be addresses through simple and elegant solutions.  In his talks Erik always shows a lot of enthusiasm, he knows how to make it entertaining and he still keeps it challenging.

Erik Meijer is a computer scientist, programmer, software architect and leader of a cloud programmability team at Microsoft; and Professor of Cloud Programming at Delft Technical University. His accomplishments include major contributions to C#, the design of LINQ and Rx Reactive Extensions recently open sourced by Microsoft. His research at Microsoft has included work on Volta, CLR to JS; NoSql and democratizing for the cloud. Prior to Microsoft Erik has been an active researcher and developer in the Haskell community. Erik has been recognized twice by his peers at Microsoft as one of Microsoft s’ most valued and respected engineers.

Timan Rebel

Our other speaker Timan Rebel is the founder of the Snowsciety app. The Snowsciety app is an app which has been already named as the Social Tom Tom of the piste. It has won the prestigious price, the next web Award for best business to consumer application, even before the app had actually launched. The Snowsciety app is a social tracking app in which skiers and snowboarders can track their routes, locations and their performance.  With 45 million people in the European Union, US and Canada, where 50 percent has a smart phone, Timan has a very large market. A market that can’t be ignored. Timan Rebel will tell all about his app, how it started and discuss the technical background it has which he will be giving at our GOTO Night.

Timan Rebel is a serial entrepreneur, with eleven years of experience and a consultant at Rebelic. In 2001 Timan started with, the first social network in the Netherlands, which grew out to be the largest social network for young people in the Netherlands. Which took the lead in the development of social network in the Netherlands. At Rebelic, Timan is an expert on social media and therefore he advises companies how to deal with social media and he is an advocate of the use of the techniques involved in Agile project management which he used for companies as Yamaha Motors, The Next Web and Techcrunch. With such a track record we are proud to have Timon as a speaker for our first GOTO Night at 12-12-12.

So join us and sign up for the GOTO Night at 12-12-12 with free beers and fingerfood thanks to our sponsor and host located in the center of Amsterdam, E-Buddy.

We hope to see you then!

Date Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
Time 19:00 / 7PM
Venue/Host eBuddy
Address Keizersgracht 585, Amsterdam

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