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My GOTO Amsterdam Experience

September 20th, 2013 by

With GOTO Aarhus around the corner I would like to share with you my GOTO “experience”.
I could tell you more about all the presentations I visited and how nice it was to listen to some great speakers, but I won’t 🙂

Instead I would like to tell you more about the whole GOTO Amsterdam experience and the feeling I had after the conference.

Just to let you know which presentations I went:

  • Building a relevance platform with CouchBase and Elasticsearch (Jeroen Reijn)
  • Elasticsearch – Beyond full-text search (Uri Bones)
  • HTML5 is the Future of Mobile (Sergi Mansilla)
  • Machine Learning == Automated TDD (Erik Meijer)
  • Old and New Building Blocks Come Together For Big Data (Ted Dunning)
  • How Mobile SDKs help you (Bolot Kerimbaev)
  • Lightning Talks: Hard Things Made Easy part 2
  • Blended Reality for Learning and Play (Ian Hughes)
  • Lightning Talks: Technical Showcase

This year was my second time at GOTO Amsterdam and I had high expectations. Last year the conference was already great and this year even bigger names were giving a presentation. Walking around at the conference gave me the feeling that everybody was really relaxt and enjoying themselves. People were talking with each other at the different stands about all kinds of topics. I talked to several people about some technical topics, what we do at Trifork and about the presentations. Even on my way home in the subway I talked to someone who was really interested in the conference but couldn’t be present.

Another cool aspect of the conference was that if you attended 11 sessions, you received a free book at the end of the conference! So now I can read more about Mobile development. And one thing I can, no must tell you is that you should always join if the speaker asks you to help him with some kind of experiment… I didn’t and missed the change to win a cool Firefox phone or a GOTO ticket 🙁 .

I had a new experience at the last keynote session by Mike Lee. There were no chairs in the room, so we all had to stand which was a cool idea, but also a little bit tiresome as it was at the end of the day ;). Luckily the keynote was fun and interesting so I should not complain.

All in all I had a great time and would definitely recommend everyone to come to the GOTO conferences!

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