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December 19th, 2013 by

iOS Course

Dear reader,

As we are getting to the end of the year the Trifork team would like to extend their season’s greetings.

We would also like to thank you for reading us and to reward you for your loyalty we would like to offer you an exclusive time limited offer: 20% discount on all trainings available here! Please use the voucher code: TRIFORK2014 to book your seat before end of January 2014. Register here, mention the training and voucher code.

Events & Training

You can find an overview of our training offering and dates on the training page. 

iOS 7 Courses

iOS7Due to popular demand we offer a series of 2 courses. Both training courses will take place in Amsterdam.

  • The first course (2 days) will be about iOS 7 and will be targeted at developers who want to learn everything about iOS development. Our trainer is Adrian Kosmaczewski and he will teach you about the building blocks of this platform.
  • The second course iOS Advanced Training (3 days) is dedicated to advanced software developers wanting to deepen their knowledge of iOS development. Adrian will give you the tips and tricks needed to help you develop great iPhone and iPad apps.

Adrian is a software developer, trainer and book author. He is the author of “Mobile JavaScript Application Development” and “Sencha Touch 2 Up and Running”, both published by O’Reilly.

Book your seat now for the iOS Advanced Training and save 200 Euros. ONLY €795,-. For more info, please contact us or visit Trifork Academy.

Core Spring Course

spring logoThis is the  course which prepares you for the official Spring certified developer exam. The trainer, Joris Kuipers, is a former SpringSource employee who also participated in the elaboration of the genuine training material.

Trifork Amsterdam has been selected to deliver official GoPivotal Spring courses! The company was previously known as VMWare.

In this course, students build a Spring- powered JEE application that demonstrates the Spring Framework in an intensely productive, hands-on exercise. Completion of this course gives participants the opportunity to take a SpringSource Certified Professional Exam. The training will be lead by Joris Kuipers, a former SpringSource Consultant. Read further

QCon Conference

Our own Allard Buijze will be presenting about Axon at QCon London 3-7 March 2014. Don’t miss it! Use promo code BUIJ100 for a 100 GBP discount when you register for the QCon London conference! Register here

Qcon QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. A practitioner-driven conference, QCon   is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams. Register here

Customers success stories

Axon case study: Rockshore
Trifork has been helping Rockshore to identify the most effective way of extending their systems and migrating their existing customers in the most efficient way. Trifork and Rockshore are working together to refine the implementation of the Axon Framework so that Rockshore can continue to deliver high volume, resilient, scalable systems that allow customers to run their businesses in the best possible way. provides their clients with valuable business information on 2.5 million companies in the Netherlands. The company is part of the FD Media Group. In November asked Trifork to perform a Proof of Concept for Elasticsearch. The PoC has yielded good results and Company.Info plans to deploy Elasticsearch as their standard search solution next year. Read more about Elasticsearch
The New Motion
Trifork has started on the design of an improved New Charge Point App for The New Motion. The app (iOS and Android) wil have charge point -­find and -­review functionality for drivers of an electrical vehicle. Additional functionality in the app will give The New Motion a competitive advantage. If you wish to know more about our custom solutions for mobile development read this.
Suppledia had an idea for a domain specific search engine and Trifork narrowed down the technology to its most natural embodiment: Elasticsearch. This allowed us to rapidly deliver the applications’ core functionalities such as full text search and search result faceting.
To deliver the back office application we used AngularJS, which allowed us to quickly build a fairly sophisticated user interface with complex forms and data validation.
For the persistence layer we chose MongoDB because of the flexibility it allowed in the definition of the several data types involved.
Suppledia hasn’t gone live with the application yet but the reactions from its customers has been very positive and are signing up to the platform; this suggests that Suppledia will be a reliable and useful source of information already from launch day.


Education: QTI version 3, new demo

QTIOver the last year we have been working very hard on our new and improved QTI Assessment Delivery Engine; version 3. We have taken the QTI Reference Set coming straight out of the IMS Global association and put this into the new QTI Assessment Delivery Engine demo to prove the QTI compatibility. Within this demo you can:

  • Start an assessment;
  • Resume if you’re not finished;
  • Review your answers with the correct ones;
  • Access the detailed specifications of the product.

Read more or go directly to the QTI Demo!

Mobile: The Perfect App

The Perfect App: Trifork has developed over 200 different apps for almost any kind of mobile device. Based on this experience we have built a smart distribution platform that allows distributing test releases and updates to mobile devices during the development process. TPA can also be used to distribute and control the internal-only apps in production. TPA is a highly scalable and secure platform where the customers have full control of source- code, versions, statistics, etc. and can easily distribute different apps and updates to users. Read further

Search: elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana

Logo ElasticsearchLogstashKibanaEvery sysadmin or anyone who is in the position to get the call when a system or application fails, will share the frustration of having to dig through huge amounts of log and event data to figure out what went wrong. Typically this involves logging into remote machines, grepping through log files to identify what went wrong, where it originated, etc. This can be a cumbersome task and not something for the faint of heart. Read more
To help you get started Trifork offers you two packages:
Mobile Pay
Trifork developed a mobile payment app for Danske Bank in Denmark. This is a mobile app that makes mobile payments easy.The MobilePay app allows you to send and receive money via iPhone, Android mobile phones, Windows Phone and the service is open for Danske Bank and non-Danske Bank customers. The user transfers the money by selecting the mobile number of the person, who is to receive the money. Without thinking about exchanging account or card numbers or using NemID (Danish sign-on procedure). Read further
We recruit!

Are you searching to be part of an amazing opportunity? Being part of an exciting project, starting our business in the South? Are you eager enough to bring in new ideas, technical expertise and talent? Then we are looking for you!

Besides that we are also actively looking to expand our Amsterdam team, with these vacancies:

Even if the exact job you’re looking for is not outlined above, but you’re interested in learning more about Trifork & our projects then email us at


If you’re not done reading, we’ve published some great blogs recently, check them out:

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Thanks for your interest, more next month. 

Regards, Trifork Amsterdam

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