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News Bites – March 2014

March 31st, 2014 by

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Dear reader,

Trifork was at the Mobile Developers Conference on March 7th, we had great time there. Many other events, trainings and projects are coming ahead. Enjoy reading!

Events & Training

Trifork at MDevCon

Trifork attended the Mobile Developers Conference on March 7th at the Pathe Tuchinsky in Amsterdam. Adrian Kosmaczewsky held a talk on Grundfos mobile remote control. The smartphone applications for both iPhone and Android make it possible to remote control the intelligent pumps and thus optimizing the use of Grundfos pumps. The applications enable the user to read and modify pump parameters and replace the former remote control R100. Grundfos products and pump technologies are worldwide market leaders and the smartphone involvement in the product range strengthens this position. Read further

Trifork will be participating in the Appril event on April 15th with a technical evening: “Mdevcon will be on tour” at Trifork Amsterdam premises: Learn more

GOTO Amsterdam

Would you like to attend the GOTO Amsterdam Conference in June? Well you can’t say “No” to this speaker line-up! Rod Johnson, Chad Fowler, Linda Rising, Joergen Hoeller, Simon Brown, Rachel Laycock, Jesper Richter- Reichhelm….Sign up

Please note: On Wed. April 9 the next early bird ends. Sign up now & save up to €350!

Training and Courses – GOTO Academy

GOTO Academy have new courses scheduled, for more info: visit the Academy.
 AngularJS (1,2 or 3 days) – New
Become an expert in AngularJS with this three-day in-depth training course. The first day covers on AngularJS basics, and requires no prior experience with AngularJS. The second day covers more advanced topics, while the third day focuses on the most difficult and advanced aspect of AngularJS, namely directives. More info and register.
spring logoEnterprise Integration with Spring Course (4 days)
Enterprise Integration with Spring is a four-day training course that is led by our Spring expert, Joris Kuipers, who will discuss the most important topics and technologies related to enterprise application integration. This hands-on training teaches you how to apply Spring technologies to solve integration problems that face server-side developers. For more info, read further or visit the Academy.

Customer success stories

CBR logo CBR (Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidbewijzen)

Trifork and Cito have been involved to improve the existing online test system. The CBR is the organization appointed by the department of infrastructure that assess driving skills and  medical fitness of drivers. It now allows to take an exam individually and at your preferred moment.  It includes features such as a calculator, reference tool and a time-based functionality (complete the exam in a certain time).

The new system is based on QTI (Question Test Interoperability) technology, a world-wide Open Standard. The client lockdown allows secure digital assessments by making it impossible to start up other applications or browse on the internet while taking a test and therefore prevent from fraud.
The whole system is completely touch based (including a touch(on)screen keyboard) and displayed on a high resolution touchscreen.
CBR and Trifork are now in the testing phase of the new system, so far the project owner seems enthusiastic about it.

For the Ascert foundation, which governs certifications in the Dutch asbestos industry, we developed a completely new version of their SMART application. This web application is used primarily by organizations that draw up inventories of asbestos sources found at project sites. After entering a lot of details about these sources the system performs a risk classification and produces an official report which includes work instructions for the removal party.

The problems with the old system that needed to be solved by this version were support for a broader range of browsers (old system was IE only) and better performance and scalability. An important new feature was the possibility for the domain experts from TNO to perform their own functional administration to update the reference data and rules that make up the classification model. In addition to this, users had to be able to authenticate using eHerkenning and pay for report tokens using iDEAL Professional without the use of a third-party payment broker. Read further

We Recruit!

Are you looking to be part of an amazing opportunity? Being part of an exciting project? Be part of the team starting our business in Eindhoven? Are you eager enough to bring new ideas, technical expertise and talent? Then we are looking for you!

  • If you want to learn more or have any questions please email:


Trifork is supporting Thomas Ferguson from GeriMedica in his initiative to climb the Alpe D’Huzes and raise funds against cancer. Read more


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Thanks for your interest, more next month. 

Regards, Trifork Amsterdam

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