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June 10th, 2014 by

Trifork LogoDear reader,

Trifork hosted a GOTO Night in Amsterdam about the programming language Erlang, specifically why it was one of the driving factors for the success of WhatsApp. In May we had our first AngularJS training in NL which was a great success as it was completely sold out. The next training is planned in July and you can register for it on the website. Many other events, trainings and projects are coming ahead. Enjoy reading!

New releases

Trifork has developed an interactive digital learning analytics environment for educative apps, and put it under a new label: Brightcenter.

brightcenter_logo_xl     Brightcenter connects with educative applications to enable students to access educative applications individually, and track progress within these applications. This allows teachers to analyze the results of students and help them on an individual basis to reach their goals. The main features of the Brightcenter are: 1. Enabling multi-user classroom situations for educative applications 2. Tracking progress and results per educative application Learn further about Brightcenter

Events & Training GOTO Amsterdam – 18,19,20 June

The International Software Development Conference designed for software developers, IT architects and project managers will take place next week at the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam. The program is complete with impressive speakers including Dan North, Linda Rising, Rod Johnson, Chad Fowler & Goerges Saab. REGISTER NOW

SIGN UP NOW  for 2 days to mingle with the rock stars from our industry!

Training and Courses – GOTO Academy

GOTO Academy has several new courses scheduled, including AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Spring and iOS. For more info: visit the Academy. We would like to specifically point out the official Pivotal training.

In May we had a great training for AngularJS in Eindhoven. The first day covered on AngularJS basics. The second day covered more advanced topics, while the third day focused on the most difficult and advanced aspect of AngularJS, namely directives. The course has been well appreciated by attendees who said that they really learned a lot during the training.

Axon Immersion training (2 days) – 26-27 June  A 2-day immersion training, the ideal way to learn how to apply CQRS using the Axon Framework, an open source Java framework that helps developers create scalable and extensible applications by providing the building blocks that CQRS based infrastructures typically require. The training will be led by our CQRS expert, Allard Buijze, who has been applying CQRS in numerous projects.. As a result, Allard created the Axon Framework. For more info, please contact us or visit the Academy. Would you like to know more about Allard and Axon? InfoQ interviewed him: watch the interview  

HTML5 Single-page applications with AngularJS (4 days) – 8 to 11 July Become an expert in AngularJS with this four-day in-depth training course. The first day covers the basics of AngularJS, and requires no prior experience with AngularJS. The second day covers more advanced topics, while the third and fourth days focus on the most difficult and advanced aspect of AngularJS, namely directives. More info and register.

Customer success stories  

Evangelische Omroep

The Evangelische Omroep (EO) is a Christian public broadcasting organization. Every year since 2011, in the week before Easter, it hols an event called “The Passion”. In “The Passion”, the story of the last hours of Jesus is depicted by famous Dutch artists. For this year’s event, the EO wanted to capture Instagram messages related to the event, and use them as content on their websites. Trifork has built a solution to do this, which stores the messages in and elasticsearch cluster. This has proven a success, and we are now expanding this platform. Read more about elasticsearch


The ANWB provides, among other serviers, roadside assistance as well as medical and repatriation assistance abroad to their 4 million members. The ANWB Emergency Dispatch Center (“Alarmcentrale”) is responsible for coordinating the approximately 1.5 million requests for assistance it receives annually. Currently, ANWB is building new Case Management software which aims to replace a number of different applications being used to date. This Case Management software needs to run in a very complex environment. Not only does it need to guide the end user though a complicated business process, it also involves a lot of integration with 3rd party software, such as telephone systems, roadside assistance dispatch systems, rental car reservations systems and invoicing software. The growing complexity of the application has caused the development speed to become unpredictable. Furthermore, the system is unable to meet the performance requirements that have been set. Trifork was asked to investigate what the impact of the software architecture is on the complexity and performance of the application. In the past months, we have made a series of short-term improvements and have done some proof-of-concepts for longer term solutions. As a result, Trifork is currently assisting the ANWB in restructuring the application. In the new situation, the architecture is based on the CQRS architectural pattern, with Axon as the implementing Framework. A proof-of-concept has shown that this will drastically improve performance, while reducing the overall complexity. Furthermore, this allows the application to be reactive, meaning it will display information in real-time on the end-user’s screen. Read more about Axon

We Recruit!

Are you looking to be part of an amazing opportunity? Being part of an exciting project? Be part of the team starting our business in Eindhoven? Are you eager enough to bring new ideas, technical expertise and talent? Then we are looking for you!

  Thanks for your interest, more next month. 

Regards, Trifork Amsterdam

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