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This is a tough one! Which session would YOU like to attend at GOTO AMS?

June 12th, 2014 by

GOTO LogoGOTO Amsterdam the conference is in less than one week and we cannot wait. So we believe it’s time for our developers at Trifork to share with us which talks they would like to attend and why. So we asked them the question and here you can find their answers. Maybe you will get inspired as well!

Jan Groot – Software Pilot- cannot wait to see the talk from Juergen HoellerSpring 4 on Java 8

I’m looking forward to see Juergen Hoeller’s talk on Spring 4 on Java 8. How are the cool new language features leveraged by my favorite framework? It’s java.time for some lambda expressions and method references in my tool set.I’m sure this talk will answer this question and help me boost my performance in future projects.

Jettro Coenradie – Senior Software Architect – wants to attend the session from Rod Johnson – Morning Keynote: Things I Wish I’d Known

About 10 years ago I read a book about J2EE Development without EJB. To me this is one of the most influential books in J2EE development, at least for my career. One of the authors is (not by coincidence) Rod Johnson. His ideas, together with the excellent skills of Juergen Hoeller initiated the spring framework. The ten years that followed resulted in a very wide adopted framework and a lot of influence in the standard as well as enterprise java development. I am very curious to learn about what he thinks he could have done better.”

Jochem Stout – Java Developer – is interested to see the talk from Soledad PenadésInvest in the Future: Build for the Web!

A true challenge for (mobile) applications is multi-platform support. Users are expecting a multi-platform experience nowadays while it’s not trivial for developers to support every platform. Frameworks like Cordova and PhoneGap are around, but do have their shortcomings in practice. Some shortcomings might include platform specific build files, native sensor support and performance: it differs per framework. These issues need to be addressed before frameworks like Cordova and PhoneGap can provide a serious alternative to native apps. I’m very interested to hear what the latest developments are.

Joris Kuipers – Manager Technology Delivery is looking forward to attend Simon Brown’s talk – Software Architecture vs. Code

One of the GOTO Amsterdam 2014 talks I’m looking forward to attend is Simon Brown’s “Software Architecture vs. Code”. As someone who often refers to himself as a hands-on architect I’m always interested to learn about the relation between the more abstract process of designing and architecting systems on the one hand and coding the actual implementation on the other. Obviously the “versus” in the talk’s title doesn’t reflect Simon’s actual opinion on these two things being so distinct, so I’m eager to learn how the mapping between the two could be strengthened. Hopefully I’ll leave with a better understanding of what a coding architect can do to ensure that the whole development team understands how the main architectural principles should be reflected in code that’s written, thus making architecture part on the ongoing process rather than just the first step!

Philipp Darkow – Junior Software Engineer – would like to attend all talks!

I am looking forward to see all talks and to decide which talk I look the most forward to is a difficult one. So I decide to pick two talks. The first talk is on thursday and is about Spring 4 on Java 8. I look forward to this talk because I am working a lot with Spring and Java and I am excited what are the new features inside Spring 4 on Java 8. The second talk is on friday and to be honest I am looking a little bit more forward to this one. It is about Software Architecture vs. Code from Simon Brown. When I was still a student, software architecture was one of my favorite subjects and I like to see how the comparison is against code. I learned in my study that a big size project should have a decent architecture before starting implementing. I am excited if Simon Brown shares this opinion.

Roberto van der Linden – Software Developer – is curious to see the presentation from Horia DragomirGaming & the Greater Good

“I’m curious to see what Horia Dragomir has to tell about the challenges they had to deal with during the development process. It will be really interested to see what kind of standards they applied in the gaming development and what we as web developers can apply in our daily work.”

And do you know which talk You would like to attend? Share your ideas with us on twitter @gotoamst 

FYI: There are still tickets available for GOTO Amsterdam. Would you like to attend, then contact us or sign up NOW before it’s too late!




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