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GOTO Amsterdam Conference 2014

July 1st, 2014 by



Two weeks ago was the GOTO conference in Amsterdam. With a lot of pleasure I was happy to attend one of the best developer conference in the world. There were a massive amount of talks divided into 5 rooms. After a hard time choosing which talk I wanted to attend I ended up attending the following talks:

I am about to relate three talks I listened to in more details and explain why I found them interesting.

Spring 4 on Java 8

A talk where I personally was looking forward to was Spring 4 on Java 8 by Juergen Hoeller. That is mostly because I am working a lot with Spring and Java. In this talk Juergen Hoeller showed at first some new features of Java 8 and later on how Java 8 is integrated in Spring. In addition he gave a short introduction to Spring Boot which can be used to set up a Spring project really fast. Most of the dependencies in a Spring Boot project are already included.

Software Architecture vs. Code

The second talk which was on my list in the top was about Software Architecture vs. Code by Simon Brown. Simon showed in his talk that diagrams are an important aspect of the architecture. There are different diagrams for different aspects because with a single diagram you can not show the aspects that are important for a particular stakeholder. Furthermore, instead of putting all the classes which are for example repositories, you should consider to create a package that contains the model, the service for this model and the repository for this model. In the end Simon presented the so-called C4 model which contains a System Context, Containers, Components and Classes. The C4 model helps with the abstraction of the project and to create diagrams that are important for specific persons. If you want to learn more about the C4 model, just download Simon’s slides.

Functional Principles for Object-Oriented Developers

One of the talks I wasn’t planning on attending, but still ended up enjoying was the talk on functional principles by Jessica Kerr. The last time I had to deal with functional programming was in my master study and specifically the Haskell language. I remember how stunned I was when I saw how less code you need in comparison with Java. Jessica showed how we can use the principle of functional programming in object-oriented languages such as Java. In the end Jessica’s talk was one of the best talks that I saw. She explained quite well how we can use functional programming in Java 8 (Java 8 support functional programming). And I will start to take a look into the functional programming with Java 8, so I guess Jessica convinced me.


As a conclusion, I can say that I really enjoyed the GOTO Amsterdam conference and can just advise other software developers or architects to check out the other GOTO conferences.These conferences offer great networking opportunities, they help you connect to like-minded people and you are going to learn A LOT. A small hint you can download the slides of thursday and from friday.

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