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July 25th, 2014 by

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Dear reader,

The international software development conference GOTO, designed for software developers, IT architects and project managers was back on June 18th-20th at the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam. Trifork, GOTO Academy and Axon had each a stand there. 

On June 26th-27th Allard Buijze gave a training on the Axon framework. On July 10th we held a Docker MeetUp in our Trifork office in Amsterdam. Below we relate these events and provide further information about upcoming trainings and more.

Events & Training

GOTO Amsterdam – was on 18,19,20 June

This year again the conference was a great success, with a lot of interesting talks and key learnings. We had a stand in the main exhibition hall and we raffled anelasticsearch workshop, a training seat to choose among all trainings available at GOTO Academy, one Axon immersion training and finally one health check service.


Did you miss GOTO and you want to catch up? Trifork software developers also attended the conference as delegates, read their feedback on our blog: GOTO Amsterdam 2014.

Meetup with Docker – was on July 10th

On July 10th, we held a Docker MeetUp at our office on the theme “Clouds and Crowds” – and how to service them. We had three great speakers and talks.

Tim Nolet,, showed us how he does service lookup for continuous delivery practices with Docker. Tim demonstrated microservices running inside containers and how they can be discovered and delivered to “the world”.

From IBM’s BlueMix team we had Michel Splint. Michel’s talk, entitled “Bluemix – Developing in the Cloud, For the Cloud, With the Crowd”, showed the key features of BlueMix and explained how it differs from other Clouds.

Finally we listened to Pini Rznik, Ugly Duckling’swho fresh from his European speaking tour, spoke about Microservices, the future as he sees it, and how Microservices and Docker containers will be the next step towards closing the development loop.

You can find the presentations and pictures here.

Training and Courses – GOTO Academy

GOTO Academy has several new courses scheduled, including AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Spring and iOS. For more info: visit the AcademyWe would like to specifically point out the official Pivotal Spring training.
spring logo Core Spring Course (4 days) – 2nd-5th September 2014 – early bird price until Aug 5th!

In this course, students build a Spring- powered JEE application that demonstrates the Spring Framework in an intensely productive, hands-on exercise. Completion of this course gives participants the opportunity to take a Spring Certified Professional Exam. The training will be led by Joris Kuipers, a former SpringSource Consultant. Read further. For more info, please contact us or visit the Academy.

iOS for Developers (2 days) – 15th-16th September 2014 – early bird price until Aug 16th!

Are you a web or mobile developer eager to learn iOS Development? Our iOS for developers course will teach you the building blocks of this platform. Suitable for developers competent in any programming language. Read further and register.

iOS Advanced Training (3 days) – 17th-19th September 2014 – early bird price until Aug 19th!

Are you a senior developer wanting to deepen your knowledge about iOS Development? Get the tips and tricks needed to help you develop great iPhone and iPad apps. Read further and register.

 Axon Immersion Training (2 days) – 18th-19th September 2014 – early bird price until Aug 19th!

A 2-day immersion training, the ideal way to learn how to apply CQRS using the Axon Framework, an open source Java framework that helps developers create scalable and extensible applications by providing the building blocks that CQRS based infrastructures typically require. The training will be led by our CQRS expert, Allard Buijze, who has been investigating and applying CQRS to a number of projects. As a result, Allard created the Axon Framework. For more info, please contact us or visit the Academy.

AngularJS (4 days) – 29th Sept – 2nd Oct 2014 – early bird price until Sept 2nd!

Become an expert in AngularJS with this four-day in-depth training course. The first day covers the basics of AngularJS, and requires no prior experience with AngularJS. The second day covers more advanced topics, while the third day focuses on the most difficult and advanced aspect of AngularJS, namely directives. More info and register.

iBeacon Training (1 day) – 21st October 2014 – early bird price until Sept 21st!

 This is a brand new course suitable for developers who would like to learn more about the power of iBeacons and how to use it in their applications. You will get a practical insight about iBeacons during this 1 day intensive course. Learn how to unleash their potential in different business environments, for both iOS and Android devices. This is a technical hands-on workshop that includes live coding and testing, but which can be of interest to marketing teams, product managers and other decision markers with coding skills. More info and register.

Joint-venture with The Surface Network

Trifork is proud to announce the joint-venture with the Surface Network company.

The Surface Network is an innovative start-up based in Eindhoven which develops intelligent floor applications for the textile, prefab and screeds market. The company has an impressive network of commercial and technical partners and a very dynamic and creative team onboard. Read further.

Trifork runners for charity

On Sunday September 21, 2014 a team of brave Triforkers will run the 10 English miles for charity at the famous Dam tot Damloop. We need your help to raise funds for this good cause and provide children with holidays!

For further information please check our page. Don’t be shy, there’s no such thing like a small donation, you can also help by spreading the words, retweeting our posts on Twitter and sharing on LinkedIn. In the name of Kinderhulp we thank you for your help!

We Recruit!
Are you looking to be part of an amazing opportunity? Being part of an exciting project? Be part of the team starting our business in Eindhoven? Are you eager enough to bring new ideas, technical expertise and talent? Then we are looking for you!


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Thanks for your interest, more next month. 

Regards, Trifork Amsterdam

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