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GOTO Update – GOTO Night Docker & Conference update

January 23rd, 2015 by

Docker – An Introduction & Its Uses

Monday 19th of January we held the first GOTO Night of 2015. This evening was about Docker and was hosted by ABN AMRO.

ABN AMRO welcomes everybody

Over 110 registered users, listened to Adrian Mouat explaining why Docker is such an exciting technology. After the break we had an interactive session between the panel, consisting of Jamie Dobson and Adrian Mouat, and the audience. This Question & Answer session was led by Mark Coleman.



During the evening we also made a few announcements about our progress of shaping GOTO Amsterdam 2015.


Update from the program committee

We are really excited about GOTO Amsterdam. It is our 5th anniversary which means we will celebrate it with you! How? That is still our little secret….

We also made some changes to the format of the conference:

  • Full day tracks – All our tracks are now single day tracks. We will not have tracks that last half a day.
  • More depth – We want to help the audience by providing them the most valuable and/or hard to find knowledge. We asked the help of those who we see as most knowledgeable in their field as our trackhosts. Our trackhosts help with selecting the best topics, the best speakers and the right level of depth for these topics. Our trackhosts also help the speakers for GOTO Amsterdam to deliver an awesome talk. Ultimate goal would be that people in the audience call their jobs to tell them they finally know how to solve that one problem they couldn’t fix before.
  • Not just 5 talks with slides – You could sit and listen to a talk for the complete day and come home tired. We are defining new ways to do the talks and are discussing with our speakers on how we can provide an even better GOTO experience for the audience and the speakers.
  • Local heroes and global thought leaders – More than ever we want to be the the focal point where Local Heroes, upcoming talents, passionate community members and global thought leaders come together to share their stories and connect with each other. We want to provide a platform for the upcoming speaker talents and great minds of tomorrow.
  • Challenging new topics – We will provide our audience with exciting new tracks like Drones where we will show you how to program your own drone and explore the capabilities of robotics.

Who have confirmed?

Currently we are almost at 60% of confirmed speakers in the 8 tracks we’ve published! Among these are speakers from Facebook, Google, Wikimedia, Uber and Cloudera (to name just a few.) We are also really happy with the workshops we have confirmed already: Fred George will teach how to build microservices, Friso and Ivo will do a datascience with Hadoop workshop and the people from Container Solutions will do a workshop on Docker and Mesos (see this video which is jawdropping!)

Keep an eye on the GOTO Amsterdam website and follow us on twitter, Facebook and linkedIn to get the latest news. Please let us know what you think of this years GOTO Amsterdam.

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