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GOTO Academy Trainings Overview!

February 20th, 2015 by

In this newsletter you will find a recap of our training offerings, the trainings schedule and we have a few treats for you, e.g. free events and the newest release on our YouTube channel. We hope you like it! 

And for a quick update…
In February we ran 3 courses: the AngularJS, Core Spring and the UX Course and they all turned out to be a big hit and they were all sold out. For March we’ve planned the following courses, AngularJS, Axon Immersion, Intro to Docker and What’s New in Spring. Usually we organize 2 trainings a month, and with 3 trainings in February and 4 in March, we are excited to see that the GOTO Academy is growing.


  • March 2: GOTO Night Manage the Google Cluster with John Wilkes & Pini Reznik. Sign up Now
  • March 25: GOTO Night Elasticsearch at (Utrecht) with Anne Veling & Jettro Coenradie. Sign up Here



UX logoNEW! Introduction to Docker (2 days) – March 11 & 12 – 

This two day training is a solid introduction to the Docker platform. In this training you will investigate the “why” of Docker and through a series of exercises learn it’s most important commands and capabilities, including.. After this workshop, you will have a basic understanding of Docker and you will be able to comfortably integrate it in your working environment. The trainer, Quinten Krijger, is one of the earliest adopters of Docker. Shortly after its conception, Quinten co-founded Container Solutions and he is eager to share his new founded passion with others. For more info or please contact us or visit the Academy.

 Axon Immersion (2 days) – March 12 & 13 

A 2-day immersion training, the ideal way to learn how to apply CQRS using the Axon Framework, an open source Java framework that helps developers create scalable and extensible applications by providing the building blocks that CQRS based infrastructures typically require. The training will be led by our CQRS expert, Allard Buijze, who has been investigating and applying CQRS to a number of projects. As a result, Allard created the Axon Framework. For more info or please contact us or visit the Academy.

spring logo NEW! What’s New in Spring (3 days) – March 18 – 20 

This comprehensive three day course will give you an update on the new features introduced in the Spring Framework 3.x versions. In addition, you will get an overview of the latest changes in some of the other Spring projects and a quick look at the Spring Framework 4 including the Java 8 support. This training will be led by Joris Kuipers, a former SpringSource Consultant. For more info or please contact us or visit the Academy.

 AngularJS (4 days) – March 24 – 27 

Become an expert in AngularJS with this four-day in-depth training course. The first day covers the basics of AngularJS, and requires no prior experience with AngularJS, however the course does require a solid understanding of Javascript. The second day covers more advanced topics, while the third and fourth day focus on the most difficult and advanced aspects of AngularJS, namely directives. More info and register.

spring logo

Core Spring (4 days) – April 7 -10 

In this course, students build a Spring- powered JEE application that demonstrates the Spring Framework in an intensely productive, hands-on exercise. Completion of this course gives participants the opportunity to take a Spring Certified Professional Exam. The training will be led by Joris Kuipers, a former SpringSource Consultant. For more info or please contact us or visit the Academy.
Trainings A’dam 2015
March 11 – 12 Intro to Docker Quinten Krijger
March 12 – 13 Axon Immersion Allard Buijze
March 18 – 20 What’s New in Spring Joris Kuipers
March 24 – 27 AngularJS Andreas Frisch
April 7 – 10 Core Spring Joris Kuipers
April 14 – 17 AngularJS Andreas Frisch
May 18 – 21 Enterprise Integration Joris Kuipers
June 9 – 12 Core Spring Joris Kuipers
June 23 – 26 AngularJS Andreas Frisch
September 1 – 4 Core Spring Joris Kuipers
September 1 – 4 AngularJS Andreas Frisch
October 6 – 9 Spring Web Joris Kuipers
October 8 – 9 Axon Immersion Allard Buijze
November 10 -13 AngularJS Andreas Frisch
November 17 – 20 Core Spring Joris Kuipers

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