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GOTO Amsterdam 2015: AngularJS Track

May 1st, 2015 by

AngularJS: King of the castle


We looked at the web development corner and saw the big 3 technologies; HTML, Javascript and CSS all loosing interest. Frameworks, on the other hand, are gaining more and more attention from the community. These days there is one framework that stands out from the rest: AngularJS.


My personal feeling was that no matter what IT project currently is started, it always uses AngularJS. I validated that feeling on (job trends) which also showed that Angular is gaining more and more attention.


When looking at the Dutch Angular community we see 2 bit meetup groups:


Finding Carmen


To help shape the AngularJS Track for GOTO Amsterdam we found Carmen who co-organizes the biggest AngularJS group in Holland. We asked Carmen to help us with Angular to:

  • Point us to the best Angular Speakers out there?
  • Show what are the most important topics this year in the Angular world?
  • What are the discussions & decisions people will be having to make in their Angular projects?

Here is her story:

angularTrackWhen we put together the Angular track for GOTO Amsterdam I thought of all the things that make Angular so awesome and how we could bring all of them in one place: contributors, be them to the core or to the community, inspiring story tellers, knowledge sharing enthusiasts, advocates of open and inclusive communities or just simply amazing developers that, through their work, help move Angular forward.


If I were to name a few things that make me excited about our track, that would easily and by far be our SPEAKERS and the diversity of their topics. I like the idea that we will be looking at the whole Angular ecosystem through different lenses and from various perspectives, such as accessibility, build tools and workflows, material design or upcoming standards; and I especially like that we will be looking to the future, with all the exciting things that are coming our way. Not to mention the awesome #ng-people, that I can’t wait to see again or meet for the very first time, and proudly introduce to everybody. Very exciting times, honestly!

Be part of it!

This is the moment to sign up for GOTO Amsterdam and be part of our family of innovators and technology enthusiasts. Besides the awesome tracks, speakers, location and tasty food, we also have  the local heroes and global thoughtleaders all walking around and sharing their knowledge and passion on technology. Meet the tech-communities and make new friends!


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