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GOTO Amsterdam: the Elasticsearch track

May 12th, 2015 by
More and more enterprises start using the data they gather. Besides the Big data and Data science, there is a 3rd taste: search. Since January of this year, 1 search technology (stack) came up on top and since then is the number 1 choice when it comes to search: elastic search.

 Validating Elasticsearch

In March the first Elasticsearch conference was held in San Fransico which was a big success. We did not just base ourselves on the feeling that Elasticsearch is an important technology. Besides Elasticon we also looked at Jobs trends and communities:
We see that the dutch Elasticsearch community is the 6th biggest community in the world. In the world of (elastic) search, finding is easy; Leslie Hawthorn was enthusiastic immediately when we asked her if she wanted to be our trackhost for the Elasticsearch track at GOTO Amsterdam. We asked Leslie if she could explain why the Elastic search track is that cool/important/relevant.

Leslie on the Elasticsearch track


Businesses are collecting more and more data each day, from details on customer usage of their products to how their servers are acting under load. Thanks to Elasticsearch, users can get real insights into their data in real-time and take immediate action based on its fine grained analytics features, all visualized beautifully with Kibana. Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the ELK stack, has seen great customer traction across a wide variety of verticals, from the finance industry to social media monitoring companies to health care organizations to university researchers working to cure cancer. The possibilities for Elasticsearch are truly endless.
The GOTO Amsterdam Elasticsearch track promises to give attendees a great overview of the many ways in which Elasticsearch can make their life with data better with a minimum of fuss. Peter Vulgaris from Facebook will teach you how they took Elasticsearch from a hackathon project to full blown production for their open source software portal, while Nik Everett will show you all about how Elasticsearch powers full-text search and more for Wikipedia (and all that on very constrained hardware platform).
In addition to these use case deep dives, you’ll be treated to a walk through of all the latest and greatest features in Kibana from its creator, Rashid Khan. You’ll also hear from Alexander Reelsen on Shield, Elastic’s security plugin to secure your ELK clusters. Last but not least and always a favorite, Mark Harwood will teach you all about how to use Elasticsearch’s powerful aggregations features so you can get deep insights into your data without being a data scientist.
See you at GOTO Amsterdam!

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