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GOTO AMSTERDAM: The Lightning Talks Track

May 27th, 2015 by

This year we have something special: The Lightning talks track. Why do we want to do that? We see the knowledge economy trending strong through the meetups on (a.o.) and we want to help this trend grow. Sharing knowledge, idea’s and your passion is something which benefits us all. We acknowledge the many talented and upcoming speakers we have (in Holland) and we want to give them the opportunity to show themselves on a larger stage. It might very well be the case that the these upcoming speakers in our track will be the next and most sought speakers at the global conferences.

Shaping the lightening talks track

Dajana GüntherFor GOTO Amsterdam we didn’t have a CFP for the tracks we selected. We introduced the concept of trackhosts who curate their tracks. For the lightning talks track we opened a Call For Papers with the goal to attract the talented speakers. In just 15 minutes, sharp, we would provide a stage to them to show themselves to the audience. We got way more papers than we could handle and we even had the possibility to create the lightening track for 2 days! While the concept is new to us (and you) we first want to experience how it works out.

So what do you do with all the papers and how to make a selection? We asked a very special trackhost to do probably one of the most difficult tasks at GOTO Amsterdam: talent scouting based on abstracts.

Dajana is part of the Global GOTO Conference team and organizes GOTO Berlin. Out of nowhere Dajana created one of the best Software Development conferences in Berlin. we asked her if she wanted to be the trackhost for this new concept and she said yes (and did a lot of heavy lifting to make the selection)

Interview with a trackhost

lightningtalks Hi Dajana! Could you tell us why the Lightning track is that awesome?
Obviously this track is awesome, because it is different. We have 3 Talks per talking slot and every talking slot has a general direction in topics. So you can hear about a topic from 3 different angles in just one „normal“ talking slot.

Ok, ok. So you had to make a selection on topics. How did you decide on what is relevant for your track?
Lightning talks can be about everything you want to talk about. It is not limited to software development in general. In the lightning talks track you can hear about stand-up comedy, hacking in schools or that there’s more to Scrum than Scrum.

Well, that sound very broad! Did you look for specific speakers for your track?
All the speakers in my track matter. They came into the program through a call for papers and were chosen purely on their abstract. We decided in regards to the GOTO community what might be the most interesting topics for the audience. Based on that we chose those talks and didn’t differ between national or international speakers or on other criteria than the abstract.

Thank you Dajana for your lightning answers. See you in Amsterdam!

Be part of it too!!!

GOTO Amsterdam is getting closer. You still have time to register  and be part of a unique experience. We’ve brought together the great global minds, the local heroes, the upcoming speaker talents and an audience which buzzes with idea’s, passion and knowledge. We also added a great venue, awesome companies and fantastic food to make it really difficult not to come 🙂 See you in Amsterdam!


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