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GOTO Amsterdam 2015: about puzzles and love

June 10th, 2015 by

In one week GOTO Amsterdam 2015 is busy (workshops) or you might be wondering what session to attend. When I started this journey 8 months ago, I wanted to create the best conference I could think of. For me quality has always been the main focus point. When we came to the final stages of shaping the program for GOTO Amsterdam I became aware that if I would attend the conference, I would have a hard time in deciding which session to attend to. I asked multiple attendees of this years edition what they thought of the conference and I heard the same thing over and over again: it is really difficult to choose because there are so many great sessions! This post is about how the talks, the topics and the tracks are woven into the GOTO Amsterdam 2015 conference. (I hope it helps you)

Puzzle 1: Tracks


When we looked at the tracks, we had to decide what track would be held on what day. Docker and micro-services are closely related; you don’t want them on the same day. You could say the same for Hadoop and Elasticsearch which both deal with large amounts of data. Scum and disruption are less technical and look at utilizing technology in a specific context. The drones track and the Angular track are not related and easier to solve. Drones might have a relation with Hadoop (big sensor data) though we hope that the difference is bigger than the similarities for our audience. The lightening talks track, as told earlier, is our way to give new exciting speaker talents a stage to share their stories. Some tracks needed to be on a specific day due to the availability of speakers.



Puzzle 2: keynote speakers, trackhost speakers and topics.

Next thing to solve is the arrangements of the talks per track. Are talks related or do they need to be in a specific order for those who attend a single track a full day (story consistency)? If people want to listen to the trackhosts these talks shouldn’t collide. When keynote speakers do a second talk in one of the tracks, they shouldn’t compete with each other or the trackhosts. We made the decision to have specific, full day tracks but said privacy and security are cross-cutting concerns. We do not have a track about security and/or privacy. It is a relevant topic we wanted to see back in the tracks if applicable. All this puzzling led to the following result. (note: Red=keynote speakers, Purple=trackhost, Green=security/privacy topic)





Puzzle 3: Your puzzle

The final puzzle is yours. What do you want to attend? I’ve asked several attendees to name 1 session they wanted to attend (just to help you a bit)

William Willems (Contractor)

So far I went to all GOTO Amsterdam conferences. I really like the combination of great venue, high quality talks, great lunches and size of the conference (not too big)

I’m really looking forward to the disruption track to learn more about new developments and trends.


I’ve been to GOTO Amsterdam a few times because the sessions are of high quality with good speakers both on implementing software as on the Agile processes related.

I’m looking forward to the Docker track; there are a lot of things happening lately in this field.

Assen kolov (Java Architect)

I can’t miss one of the biggest software conferences in my home town.

I’m looking forward to everything related to micro-services. 

What will I attend?

I’ve been looking at the program for quite some while. I talked to trackhosts, speakers and our own program committee.  I know there are quite a few gems in the current program. I will not share my schedule as I did last year. If you want to be surprised and touched, dive a little deeper and get to know our speakers and recognize all the love and passion which went into this years program.

For some it’s truely hard to find.
Most search a full lifetime,
Looking in all the wrong places.
You must look past those gorgeous eyes,
Ignoring pretty faces,
For only true beauty,
Lies within the mind.

by: Andrew LeClair

See you next week!

We hope to welcome you next week in Amsterdam and have a great time, be inspired and full of fresh idea’s to change the world!



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