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GOTO Amsterdam: last minute updates

June 17th, 2015 by

One of the cool things of organizing a conference is dealing with the unexpected. The workshops are busy and tomorrow the conference kicks of with an awesome program. In the last days before the conference we had a few unfortunate cancellations for which we needed to find replacements.  We worked really hard but with great pride can announce our latest speakers for GOTO Amsterdam!

Nilguin_van_Raad[1] Nilguin van Raad

Nilguin van Raad is one of the key people in ING who helps the Agile transition in ING. She will do an highly interactive session with the attendees and shares her experiences when transitioning to Agile at the Scale of a large enterprise.  Nilguin was highly recommended by one of the agile thoughtleaders in Holland and we are really happy to have her on board!


Justin Coffey


I have to confess that until last week, I had never heard about Criteo. But this is such an awesome company to learn more about!

We process up to 50 billion real time bidding requests daily resulting in an ingest rate on the order of 25TB/day to a 1000+ node Hadoop cluster.


Justin Coffey is an important member of Criteo who occasionally contributes to the tools that manage petabytes of analytical data.

Ot_van_Daalen[1] Ot van Daalen

This speaker was recommend to me by several people who heard him speak before or know him personally. Two GOTO Amsterdam trackhosts pointed me to him and we are really proud to have Ot speaking at GOTO Amsterdam.

Ot is an attorney specialised in privacy and security. In 2009 he relaunched the digital rights movement Bits of Freedom. In addition to his work as an attorney. 

He will speak about developing privacy compliant software and selling it to the legal department. Are you ready for it?

 Jesse Dijkstra


You might have heard about Blendle if you’re Dutch. We see Blendle as a great example of a disruptive company from Holland. They are now starting their international expansion and we are really lucky to have one of the first employees from Blendle at GOTO Amsterdam!

Growing from 0 to 60 in 600 days. How Blendle nurtures an environment that balances innovation and stability for its employees and publishers. A lighthearted talk that walks you through the technical challenges that we faced and how we solved them.


Mission accomplished?

We had to replace 4 speakers in the last 2 weeks. I believe we did something very special with all the help from our colleagues, friends and our trackhosts. With these speakers we made the program even more interesting and better than it already was. I hope you share that feeling. Please let me know what you think? (freek (at) trifork (dot) com)

Thank you all! <3

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