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Twitter Bootstrap, why you should *not* use it

We all know Twitter Bootstrap, a great tool for quickly building “sleek and intuitive” web applications. But why are people actually choosing to use Twitter Bootstrap and why? And more importantly, why I think you should *not* use it (in most cases)! Disclaimer: I am a frontend developer and wrote this blog entry from my […]

Axon Framework Release Party 2.0 great succes!

The Axon release Party, which was organized on Thursday last week, has been a great success. The event was at the Observant in Amersfoort and with 40 curious enthusiastic attendees we kicked the day off with a nice lunch. Following that, Allard gave an introduction on CQRS and presented the latest features of Axon 2. E.Novation and Aktive Reply presented their case studies, showing how they used Axon in their applications. Finally, an panel of experts was interrogated during the Panel Discussions. A nice cold drink and some snacks gave the final touch to the day.

AFAS’ CIO Rolf de Jong hosts Panel Discussions at Axon Seminar

AFAS’ CIO Rolf de Jong hosts Panel Discussions at Axon Seminar

On February 28th 2013, Trifork will organize the Axon 2 launch seminar. During this seminar, visitors will be introduced to CQRS and Axon Framework, of which version 2 was released just a few weeks ago. The seminar will be an afternoon packed of technical insight, case studies and panel discussions, whereby we look forward to […]

Axon Framework 2.0 Released!

After laying the ground work for this release about a year ago, we now proudly announce the next major release of Axon Framework! The 2.0 release is a big step forward compared to the previous version, as it contains a thorough restructuring of components, making it even easier to build scalable and extensible applications.

Axon Framework 2.0-rc1 released

Axon 2 has hit an important milestone today, as we have published the first Release Candidate. This release marks a major milestone towards the final 2.0 release, expected early January. All features on the roadmap have been implemented in this release. The coming weeks, these features will be refined and fine-tuned for optimal performance and […]

Processing 1M tps with Axon Framework and the Disruptor

Processing 1M tps with Axon Framework and the Disruptor

LMAX, a trading company in the UK, recently open sourced one of their core components: the Disruptor. This component allows reduces execution overhead by removing the necessity for locks, while still keeping processing order guarantees. A pretty ingenious piece of engineering, if you ask me. I tried to apply the disruptor to the Axon Command […]

New in Spring 3.1: Bean definition profiles at a glimpse

The next major release of Spring Framework, 3.1, brings a new feature called bean definition profiles. This is a great add-on which makes the definition of the application context even easier, both in xml and Java-based style. With this new functionality it is possible to group beans into profiles which can be activated at runtime. […]