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From the trenches: Rendering Twitter Bootstrap form inputs for Spring-MVC with FreeMarker macros

From the trenches: Rendering Twitter Bootstrap form inputs for Spring-MVC with FreeMarker macros

This is the first entry in a new series of what we hope will become a regular appearance on our Trifork blog: “from the trenches”, with blogs that explain in a no-nonsense just-the-tech fashion how we applied certain tools, technologies, libraries and frameworks in our own projects to solve real-world challenges that we faced while […]

Putting the pedal to the Mongo metal

At Trifork we’re always looking to get the best performance out of our systems. As a 10gen partner that means that we also try to squeeze the most out of our MongoDB deployments in terms of read and write throughput. Experience has shown that it matters greatly whether those deployments are performed on dedicated hardware […]

Authenticating Dutch organizations via eHerkenning

Introduction In The Netherlands, citizens can interact with digital government services using a central username and password through an authentication scheme called DigiD. This helps these services to hook into a central registry of users, thus providing them with a single identity corresponding to a single username and password. DigiD is a widely spread and […]

CQRS intro on VMware’s blog

We’re pleased to inform you that VMware has asked Trifork to author a short article on CQRS for publication on their blog. This was motivated by our recent post on the Spring Insight plugin that we wrote for Axon Framework. In response to that post VMware has asked us if they could take over hosting […]

Spring Insight plugin for the Axon CQRS framework

Spring Insight plugin for the Axon CQRS framework

Introduction In a previous blog post we introduced the Spring Insight module that’s part of SpringSource’s tc Server developer edition and gives you, well, insight into what’s taking up the time to process requests in your applications. Insight does this by instrumenting your application at load time using AspectJ: a single call to your application […]

JVM memory management and performance tuning

Performance and scalability are important topics for most enterprise applications that we build. Oftentimes we mostly consider connections to external systems (databases, message brokers, external web services) when we think about performance bottlenecks or performance and scalability optimization. This makes sense, as most enterprise applications spend a lot of their time performing (typically blocking) I/O. […]