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Faceting & result grouping

Result grouping and faceting are in essence two different search features. Faceting counts the number of hits for specific field values matching the current query. Result grouping groups documents together with a common property and places these documents under a group. These groups are used as the hits in the search result. Usually result grouping […]

IndexDocValues – their applications

From a user’s perspective Lucene’s IndexDocValues is a bunch of values per document. Unlike Stored Fields or FieldCache, the IndexDocValues’ values can be retrieved quickly and efficiently as Simon Willnauer describes in his first IndexDocValues blog post. There are many applications that can benefit from using IndexDocValues for search functionality like flexible scoring, faceting, sorting, […]

Indexing your Samba/Windows network shares using Solr

Indexing your Samba/Windows network shares using Solr

Many of JTeam’s clients want to search the content of their existing network shares as part of their Enterprise Search infrastructure. Over the last couple of years, more and more people are switching to Apache Lucene / Solr as their preferred, open source search solution. However, many still have the misconception that it is not […]