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Using Axon with PostgreSQL without TOAST

The client I work for at this time is leveraging Axon 3. The events are stored in a PostgreSQL database. PostgreSQL uses a thing called TOAST (The Oversized-Attribute Storage Technique) to store large values. From the PostgreSQL documentation: “PostgreSQL uses a fixed page size (commonly 8 kB), and does not allow tuples to span multiple […]

Simulating an Elasticsearch Ingest Node pipeline

Indexing document into your cluster can be done in a couple of ways: using Logstash to read your source and send documents to your cluster; using Filebeat to read a log file, send documents to Kafka, let Logstash connect to Kafka and transform the log event and then send those documents to your cluster; using […]

Public Elasticsearch clusters are being held ransom

Public Elasticsearch clusters are being held ransom

Last week several news sites and researchers reported that Elasticsearch clusters that are connected to the internet without proper security are being held ransom. You can use to search for Elasticsearch clusters: The first hit is actually a cluster that is ‘infected’: There are some secured clusters as well: But the default ‘root’ account with […]