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Brightcenter, the multi-user classroom solution for educative app(lication)s

Brightcenter, the multi-user classroom solution for educative app(lication)s

Tablets inside the classroom For years now, PC/Desktops have been present in the classroom providing children and students digital learning environments. These learning environments are helping the teachers by providing interactive learning aids where children and students can independently work and learn. In primary schools, classrooms are filled with just a couple of PCs in […]

Scrum: Just follow the solutions provided below!

Doing Scrum is easy! Just follow and implement checklist below and everything will go well, right? Deliver in cycles of two to six weeks Work in a team sized six plus or minus three Every day stand together answering what was done since the last standup and what will be done before the next The […]

Ansible – Example playbook to setup Jenkins slave

As mentioned in my previous post about Ansible, we will now proceed with writing an Ansible playbook. Playbooks are files containing instructions that can be processed by Ansible, they are written in yaml. For this blog post I will show you how to create a playbook that will setup a remote computer as a Jenkins […]

Ansible – next generation configuration management

The popularity of the cloud has taken configuration management to the next level. Tools that help system administrators and developers configure and manage large amounts of servers, like Chef and Puppet, have popped up everywhere. Ansible is the next generation configuration management. Ansible can be used to excute tasks on remote computers via SSH so […]