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Hot off the press, as of today “JTeam” will be known as “Dutchworks”!

Many of you probably know that JTeam has gone through quite the evolutionary process over the last two years; the combination of our two acquisitions (Func & Net Effect), and our strong autonomous growth has resulted in over 250% increase in revenue and number of Dutchworkers. Further, it has allowed us to develop a services […]

Digi-Trainer genomineerd voor prestigieuze NOT Innovatieprijs

Digi-Trainer genomineerd voor prestigieuze NOT Innovatieprijs

Unieke examentrainer bereidt VMBO-leerlingen voor op digitaal examen De nieuwe online examentrainer Digi-Trainer van ThiemeMeulenhoff is genomineerd voor de NOT Innovatieprijs 2011. Deze prestigieuze prijs wordt eens in de twee jaar door de Stichting NOT uitgereikt aan innovatieve  leermiddelen die het leer- en onderwijsproces zichtbaar verbeteren. Digi-Trainer doet dit door de slagingskansen van vmbo-leerlingen te […]

Enterprise Search using Solr and Lucene

The Enterprise Search market has long been dominated by commercial vendors and their products (e.g. Autonomy and Fast). We at JTeam feel that this era is finally over. At least for certain customers and requirements, there is finally a good Open Source alternative: Apache Solr, which is the Enterprise Search server based on Apache Lucene. […]

A new and improved Spatial Solr

A new and improved Spatial Solr

Introducing the Solr Spatial Plugin What do a directory services company, a wholesaler of bathroom fittings,  a social events guide, an oceanographic data centre and the pan-European library initiative have in common? They all need to offer their clients the ability to search and filter results within a flexible geographic area, defined by the user. […]

JTeam Technology Matrix: The Stars

In Alef’s previous blog entry about the JTeam Technology Matrix, he explained the basic idea of using a BCG-matrix to classify technologies. In this blog entry I’ll focus on the ‘Star’ section of our current matrix and highlight some of the technologies that are currently in there. Star technologies are the technologies that bring us […]