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A front-end developer surrounded by a horde of scary “Enterprise Java” developers?

Orange11 is urgently looking for an accomplished front-end developer. We’re looking for a person that obviously has extensive experience using HTML5, Javascript and CSS3. But, more importantly, we’re looking for a developer that really has an opinion to share; about most things really; but certainly on how to build high quality, maintainable applications (which patterns, frameworks, etc) […]

JVM memory management and performance tuning

Performance and scalability are important topics for most enterprise applications that we build. Oftentimes we mostly consider connections to external systems (databases, message brokers, external web services) when we think about performance bottlenecks or performance and scalability optimization. This makes sense, as most enterprise applications spend a lot of their time performing (typically blocking) I/O. […]

Dutchworks is now Orange11!

I know this message may come as somewhat of a surprise to you, however as of today “Dutchworks” (and prior to that “JTeam”) will be known as “Orange11”. Our name change comes several months after the recent rebrand to “Dutchworks”, and is the result of a legal claim made from a third party owning the […]

Berlin Buzzwords 2012

Berlin Buzzwords 2012

Yes, Berlin Buzzwords is back on the 4th & 5th June 2012! This really is only conference for developers and users of open source software projects, focusing on the issues of scalable search, data-analysis in the cloud and NoSQL-databases. All the talks and presentations are specific to three tags; “search”, “store” and “scale”.. Looking back […]

Digi-Trainer genomineerd voor prestigieuze NOT Innovatieprijs

Digi-Trainer genomineerd voor prestigieuze NOT Innovatieprijs

Unieke examentrainer bereidt VMBO-leerlingen voor op digitaal examen De nieuwe online examentrainer Digi-Trainer van ThiemeMeulenhoff is genomineerd voor de NOT Innovatieprijs 2011. Deze prestigieuze prijs wordt eens in de twee jaar door de Stichting NOT uitgereikt aan innovatieve  leermiddelen die het leer- en onderwijsproces zichtbaar verbeteren. Digi-Trainer doet dit door de slagingskansen van vmbo-leerlingen te […]