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Axon from the trenches: how to keep your code compatible with legacy events and Sagas

Imagine you’re using Axon to run an event sourcing application. Your production event store might contain millions of events, created in various versions of the application. Wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure that the latest version of your application plays nicely with all your production events and Sagas, including those from previous versions? […]

Axon Framework 2.0-rc1 released

Axon 2 has hit an important milestone today, as we have published the first Release Candidate. This release marks a major milestone towards the final 2.0 release, expected early January. All features on the roadmap have been implemented in this release. The coming weeks, these features will be refined and fine-tuned for optimal performance and […]

Tutorial – Getting started with CQRS and Axon Framework

Axon Framework greatly simplifies building CQRS based Event Driven architectures in Java. Such an architecture provides very powerful options in terms of application scalability and extensibility. In this tutorial, I want to go though the process of setting up a basic application architecture with the Axon Framework.

Greg Young to attend on DDDnl meetup about CQRS on March 1st.

On March 1st, Erik Rozendaal will give a presentation about Command Query Responsibility Seggregation (CQRS). Greg Young, one of the masterminds behind CQRS, has confirmed that he will be present during this meetup too. Seems like a good recipe for an interesting evening. Attendance is free, but registration is required. Read on for details.

Axon Framework – the CQRS framework for Java – version 0.4 released

Axon Framework – the CQRS framework for Java – version 0.4 released

Last week, I published the 0.4 release of the Axon Framework. Axon helps developers build high performance, scalable and extensible applications using the CQRS pattern. The 0.4 release is a major step towards 1.0, and includes transactional event handling, high-performance caching repositories and easy configuration of event sourcing support. Furthermore, we have also built a […]

CQRS – Designing domain events

CQRS – Designing domain events

Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is slowly but steadily gaining ground as an architecture that helps developers to develop scalable, extensible and maintainable applications. Events play a major role in this architecture, and the way you design these events greatly influence the extensibility of your application. In this post, I describe some CQRS event basics and […]