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My Goto Amsterdam 2014

July 17th, 2014 by

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People who have worked with me know I’m a bit of a technical conservative. I’m very wary of quickly adopting the latest fads and trends because I’ve seen the collective hype and the following disillusionment too many times, including software being built with the then-latest-hype framework or platform and a year later being stuck with now-obsolete technology that only the original developers and a handful of other people still have any real experience with.

For the same reason I’ve avoided software tech conferences in the past years. A few visits to conferences several years ago on each occasion left me with feeling that I’d heard a lot about a lot, but that it wasn’t really going to improve my daily software development work.

Luckily, Goto Amsterdam 2014 was different.

Many, if not all, of the talks were relevant to my actual, day to day, software development job. I learned about looking at Agile in a different way. I heard people speak on real life problems being solved with actual, current, widely adopted technology. I even listened to talks that weren’t really that much about software development at all.

So let me walk you through my Goto Friday.

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GOTO Academy – Training & Courses

January 15th, 2014 by
The GOTO Academy is organising regular training sessions around professional software development and architecture.
We are currently running a New Year promo: 20% discount on the iOS trainings.
Take advantage of it! Use the voucher code: TRIFORK2014 to book your seat before end of January 2014. Register here, select the training (iOS beginner or advanced) and type the voucher code in the comment section.

Firefox OS at GOTO Amsterdam 2013

October 7th, 2013 by

FirefoxOS.2I attended the GOTO Amsterdam 2013 conference at the Beurs van Berlage. A nice coincidence happened to me while being there: I attended a talk which heavily promoted Firefox OS as a platform for mobile HTML5 development. Next thing I know, I win a Firefox OS phone at a trivia organized at a completely different talk!

To give you some background, Firefox OS allows you to build mobile applications using web technology (HTML, CSS and Javascript). There are already web standards, or about-to-be standards which allow a web app to access device specific functionality. For example, reading the orientation of the phone ( The OS exposes many of these standards, so that an app developer can code features in Javascript which would be normally implemented using native code.

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October GOTO Nights in Amsterdam – Lean Enterprise, Machine Translation & DevOps

October 1st, 2013 by

The dates for GOTO Amsterdam 2014 have been set: June 19 and 20! Registration has already started and the first early bird discount ends at December 11. Register here to make sure your spot is reserved!

But in case you still need convincing that the GOTO conferences are the best in town, I invite you to attend one of our FREE GOTO Nights and see for yourself.

For October we have two very interesting nights planned.

The first one is a single session night, held upcoming Friday (Oct. 4) at the Trifork Amsterdam office and starting at 18.00. The speaker is Jez Humble, author of Continuous Delivery (read Martin Fowlers take on the book) and currently working at ThoughtWorks. His presentation will be about how to innovate inside large organisations, using Lean principles. A must for all of you IT managers that want to stimulate intrapreneurship within your organisation.

The second night will be held on a Monday evening (Oct. 14) starting at 18.00 at the Trifork Amsterdam office. This time the first session will be by Bas van Ooyen, who is a data scientist at Owlin, where he does real-time news analytics. His session will be specifically on Machine translation and the state of affairs in that respect. Next up for this GOTO Night is Michael T. Nygard, author of various books, including Release It!. During his session Five Years of DevOps: Where are we now? Michael will shed some light on the world of DevOps, “what’s the old-but-good, and where we still need to advance”.

No need to worry about your appetite, we will serve pizza’s and beers.

Sign up now for these GOTO Nights to reserve your seat! Hope to see you there!

GOTO Amsterdam: Unfold your Leftfold & Agile Mindset

September 3rd, 2013 by

GOTO-Amsterdam-2013 (1)

GOTO Amsterdam already seems a while ago, but I still want to write about two sessions I really enjoyed: the agile mindset (Linda Rising) and a lightning talk about left folds in functional languages (Erik Meijer) unfolded to an object-oriented language.

Unfold your left fold

I never really understood the folding concept in functional programming. At GOTO  Amsterdam I thought, I’ll give my brain a chance again and visited the short talk  from Erik Meijer, where he explained folding in Haskell and later unfolded his fold in  C#.

 Two weeks after the talk, I already forgot how it works, so I decided to work through his  talk in this blog showing some of his samples with Scala and Java.+

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Mark your calendars: 12-12-12 – GOTO Night Amsterdam – Erik Meijer and Timan Rebel

November 22nd, 2012 by

The first GOTO Night is a fact! With Erik Meijer and Timan Rebel!

Yes! It’s time for the first GOTO Night in the run toward our highly valued event GOTO Amsterdam 2013. We have been able to attract great names for this evening for which we are very proud. Every year we organize the GOTO Amsterdam event and in 2013 we are happy to announce the third GOTO Amsterdam edition. To give an idea on this event, we are eager on organizing GOTO Nights and we already had several in the previous years. At the previous GOTO Nights we welcomed Shay Banon (Founder of Elasticsearch), Kresten Krab, Karl Krukow, Michael Franken, Jim Webber and many others.

Erik Meijer

On the already legendary date 12-12-12, Erik Meijer will share his ideas in his talk ‘Open Sytems – Actors and Cloud’. In this talk he will discuss the evolution from the pre-cloud era to an era where highly available stateful actors use a programming model for the outside of the cloud while still allowing for the traditional programming models on the inside. Erik is a speaker who is much known in the developer spheres. His strength is that he takes difficult problems and he shows how these can be addresses through simple and elegant solutions.  In his talks Erik always shows a lot of enthusiasm, he knows how to make it entertaining and he still keeps it challenging.

Erik Meijer is a computer scientist, programmer, software architect and leader of a cloud programmability team at Microsoft; and Professor of Cloud Programming at Delft Technical University. His accomplishments include major contributions to C#, the design of LINQ and Rx Reactive Extensions recently open sourced by Microsoft. His research at Microsoft has included work on Volta, CLR to JS; NoSql and democratizing for the cloud. Prior to Microsoft Erik has been an active researcher and developer in the Haskell community. Erik has been recognized twice by his peers at Microsoft as one of Microsoft s’ most valued and respected engineers.

Timan Rebel

Our other speaker Timan Rebel is the founder of the Snowsciety app. The Snowsciety app is an app which has been already named as the Social Tom Tom of the piste. It has won the prestigious price, the next web Award for best business to consumer application, even before the app had actually launched. The Snowsciety app is a social tracking app in which skiers and snowboarders can track their routes, locations and their performance.  With 45 million people in the European Union, US and Canada, where 50 percent has a smart phone, Timan has a very large market. A market that can’t be ignored. Timan Rebel will tell all about his app, how it started and discuss the technical background it has which he will be giving at our GOTO Night.

Timan Rebel is a serial entrepreneur, with eleven years of experience and a consultant at Rebelic. In 2001 Timan started with, the first social network in the Netherlands, which grew out to be the largest social network for young people in the Netherlands. Which took the lead in the development of social network in the Netherlands. At Rebelic, Timan is an expert on social media and therefore he advises companies how to deal with social media and he is an advocate of the use of the techniques involved in Agile project management which he used for companies as Yamaha Motors, The Next Web and Techcrunch. With such a track record we are proud to have Timon as a speaker for our first GOTO Night at 12-12-12.

So join us and sign up for the GOTO Night at 12-12-12 with free beers and fingerfood thanks to our sponsor and host located in the center of Amsterdam, E-Buddy.

We hope to see you then!

Date Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
Time 19:00 / 7PM
Venue/Host eBuddy
Address Keizersgracht 585, Amsterdam

November newsletter

November 14th, 2012 by

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Greetings from Trifork Amsterdam 
It’s all about finding the perfect match in life. Trifork A/S (a leading Danish software company) has found just that in us, here in the Netherlands. As of November 1st we’ve launched as Trifork Amsterdam. Rest-assured, we’ll still focus on the technology as we know it best, the entire team will remain intact and we’ll continue to do more of what we do best but even better ;-). If you want to know more visit our website.

JFall Winners
jfallFor those of you who visited us at JFall this year, you’ll probably have done our “Get to know us” questionnaire. We’re pleased to say that pretty much everyone got top marks (even if you did get a little help from us every now & then!).

jfall image

However the lucky winners of the great prizes are as follows:

  • 1st prize ticket for GOTO Amsterdam, June 2013 goes to Erwin de Gier
  • 2nd prize 2 x tickets for NoSQL roadshow Amsterdam, November 2012 goes to Peter Glas & Michel Schudel
  • 3rd prize: Techy books for 15 runners up (will be contacted individually!).

Congrats to winners and thanks again to all the participants.

Don’t worry though for both NLJUG members and our newsletter readers we also offer great group & sponsorship deals for both events. For more details, contact Daphne Keislair on or call +31 6 272 94 119 to discuss the possibilities.

Want to know more on NoSQL?

no sql banner

Just so you know, the amazing early bird rate of 200 EUR for the NoSQL roadshow Amsterdam is still open until 16th November. It’s a unique opportunity to gain insights from some renowned speakers around MongoDBRiakHaadoop & Cassandra,Neo4J and much more. At the end of the session you’ll have no questions around the NoSQL space that’s for sure, so sign up here or contact us for more information. If you can not make it to Amsterdam, a week later the roadshow will be in London too.

Meet us at Devoxx

devoxx logoIf you can’t make it, either sign up for our FREE MongoDB Brown Bag session, or if you’re going toDevoxx visit us at stand number 11 (we’re there with 10Gen).
It’s not all just all about coding: tech meeting December  

Of course we are technology geeks but we also look beyond the code too. This month our two sessions will cover:

  1. Web Application Security, an introduction into how to ensure your web application doesn’t make it to the news (for the wrong reasons!) in 2013, providing you with some basic insights and tips & tools on how to secure your website
  2. Agility Beyond Campfire Romance, an interesting and somewhat contraversial matter when it comes to how best to manage development projects.

Sign up now and join us on 6th December. If you can not make it to the tech meetings we will have the presentations available for download on our website after the sessions.

es logoCommitment to the community
In one of our recent blog posts we already mentioned that both Trifork & GOTO are committed to working closely with the community. This month we will host the Elasticsearch meet up covering the cool use of the product in the new website for the Rijksmuseum, its going to be a great session so sign up now. Also, if you need a location for your meetup (even in one of our other Trifork offices) then we’re happy to help if we can just drop us a note with your request.

Blog blog blogging

We’d published a few blogs recently, including:

Spring Insight plugin for the Axon CQRS framework

Agile Campfire Romance

NoSQL roadshow Amsterdam

GOTO Amsterdam bonding with the community!

October 16th, 2012 by

As I have probably mentioned in previous blogs, next year we are planning the third annual GOTO Amsterdam conference designed for software developers, IT architects and project managers. For those who don’t know it GOTO Amsterdam offers ideal opportunities for learning, networking and tracking innovation occurring in Software Development, HTML5, JVM, Mobile, Big Data, OpenSource, Lean/Agile, Architecture, New Languages & much more. The conference will have a total of 4 simultaneous tracks with over 40 presentations being showcased in Amsterdam. Our mostly international speakers are authors, experts and practitioners across various areas of software development and that is why we work with the local community and meet up groups to create an event that is tailored to what the developers are looking for.

Working with the community is not only about brainstorming the content of what we should cover like we did with the open space session last month, but it is also supporting the community throughout the year with their own events, either combining these with our GOTO nights or sponsoring a local meet up. That is exactly what we’re proud to announce this month when GOTO Amsterdam will sponsor the lunch at the October Amsterdam Clojure meeting. This is the biggest event in the Netherlands around Clojure and its vibrant community and ecosystem. The full day event is FREE and includes lots of presentations, fun and Clojure hackers. See the full schedule and sign up now. Hopefully we’ll see you there.

Furthermore, far out one of the biggest community in the Java space is the Dutch Java User Group (NL-JUG), and GOTO Amsterdam and Trifork are now not only one of the business partners but will also be at the J-Fall event at the end of this month, on Oct. 31 in Nijkerk. If you are going, don’t miss the chance to visit the Trifork / GOTO Amsterdam stand as there will also be a unique chance to win tickets for GOTO Amsterdam 2013.

Don’t forget GOTO Amsterdam is independent and members of the Program Advisory Board are free to choose whom they would like to invite. This independence allows us to attract great speakers and make events that we as developers, project managers and business leaders would like to attend ourselves. That’s the basic philosophy. So if you have a suggestion for a GOTO night, speaker, track, or any ideas you want to share just email us or send your proposal via the website.

Tutorials and training sessions at GOTO Amsterdam

April 5th, 2012 by

One of the best things about organizing an international conference is that it brings a pool of experts from around the world to Amsterdam. Next to getting them to speak at the conference and have them available for discussions, it also allows for a unique opportunity to offer training & tutorial sessions.

Following the 2 day GOTO Amsterdam conference, on Saturday May 26 there is the chance to take part in a wide range of different tutorial sessions. There is literally something for everyone. These tutorial sessions are unique to GOTO attendees and on offer for a small additional registration fee. All trainings are held at Saturday May 26, 9.00-16.00.

The trainings

Training“A Programmatic Introduction to the Neo4j Graph Database”
ByIan Robinson

Ian  RobinsonNeo4j is a JVM-based graph database. Its graph data model is intuitive and expressive, mapping closely to your whiteboard domain model. For highly connected data, Neo4j is thousands of times faster than relational databases, making it ideal for managing complex data across many domains, from finance to social, telecoms to geospatial.

This tutorial covers the core functionality of the Neo4j graph database. With a mixture of theory and entertaining hands-on coding sessions, you’ll quickly learn how easy it is to develop a Neo4j-backed application.

Training“Starting Scrum”
ByZuzana Sochova

Zuzana  SochovaAgile methods become popular in all different segments of IT industry. As the business is changing faster, it expect from you to be flexible and adapt to the new conditions fast. Are you suffering from poor quality, low flexibility, inefficiency or lack of customer satisfaction? Are your projects failing or do you feel you can be better?

During the practical workshop “Starting Agile” you will understand the core principles of agile methods, learn how Scrum process works, and in the end be able to decide, if you like to consider changing your processes into agile and what do you expect from such change. During the day, you will be able to try some agile aspects at the training and directly compare the method with your current processes and create a list of initial steps for agile adoption in your company.

Agile is not just another process, it’s a new way of thinking; it’s a new culture, new philosophy.

Training“A user manual (how to build software that works the way your users think)”
ByChris Nodder

Chris  NodderLearn how to build software that works the way users’ brains work. Based on psychological principles and the results of hundreds of hours of user testing, this class shows you why users behave the way they do, and what you can do to make sure your software supports their mental processes.

People are strange. The way they interact with our software is often unbelievable to us. Why can’t they just click the damn button? In reality, much of users’ “random” behavior is actually very predictable when we understand how people think. Once you are familiar with these thought processes, you can build software that appeals better to your users.

Training“Beautiful and Shiny – The iOS Graphics System”
ByBill Dudney

Bill  DudneyiOS Apps are known for their rich and beautiful user interfaces. A big part of the beauty and responsiveness is due to the underlying graphics system. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use Core Graphics and Core Animation to take your app to the next level.

Most of what ends up in an iOS UI is built with an image editor and part of the app at deploy time. But dynamic content can’t be drawn before hand instead it must be drawn on the device at runtime. Core Graphics has a rich set of API’s that can be used for just that purpose. The API is object-oriented but C based. That causes some devs to steer clear. In this tutorial we’ll demystify the API so you can take advantage of Core Graphics in your app.

Once we’ve covered the basics we’ll go into how the compositing model works on iOS. Every pixel that is displayed on a device goes through the Core Animation compositing engine. A through understanding of how the compositing engine works is vital to getting your app to look and perform great.

Title“Building Cross Platform Apps with PhoneGap & PhoneGap/Build”
byChristophe Coenraets

Christophe  CoenraetsLearn how to use PhoneGap to build platform neutral mobile apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Now’s your chance to find out if the PhoneGap open source framework is the right technology choice for your mobile development projects.

PhoneGap has been widely recognized as a game-changer for mobile app development. The open source code has been downloaded more than 500,000 times and thousands of apps built using PhoneGap are available in mobile app stores and directories. Now’s your chance to find out what the buzz is all about. In this introductory session, Christophe will show you how to use PhoneGap to build platform neutral mobile applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript that access device features like accelerometer, GPS, camera and contacts.

If you’re a web developer, mobile developer, mobile designer or a project manager in charge of mobile development, this session will help you decide whether or not the PhoneGap open source framework is right for your mobile development projects.

Training“Scala in Spring Tutorial”
by: Jan Machacek

Jan  MachacekJan MachacekJan’s tutorial will show how to start using Scala in Spring applications. You will build a traditional three-tiered application using Spring 3.1 DI, MVC, ORM, transactions with Hibernate 4 thrown in. We will construct the application entirely using Scala; starting with Java-like Scala code, then applying the functional and type safe features of Scala to the codebase. We will use BDD throughout the implementation.
You will learn how to write Spring-based code entirely in Scala. The code you will have at the end of the day will give you a good starting point for adding Scala to your Spring-based [Java] code.

If you are interested, sign up here!

April Newsletter

April 4th, 2012 by

Spring is here and hopefully the longer days mean we can pack them full of great things to do in work & play! This month’s issue is a quick news flash on some things we have planned & on offer for the coming days, weeks & months and hopefully you can join us at some of these events.

2 days to go…

…until our monthly (free) Tech Meeting which is on Thursday 5th April 2012, served as always with ice cold beer & pizza. On the program this month are the following sessions:

– Apache HTTP: Even if this project doesn’t need an introduction anymore; to celebrate its 17th birthday (and the recently released version 2.4), we would like to invite you to a presentation of the Apache HTTP server and some of the most used modules.

– Insight into Clojure, including syntax & data structures, a common interface to rule them all: sequences, code as data for a programmable programming language (macros) and much more.

Sign up here.

ElasticSearch at GOTO night

elastic search logoOn April 19th Orange11 & Trifork will host yet another GOTO night at Pakhuis de Zwijger. Our last event was a great success and attracted over 60 attendees and the feedback was very positive.

This time we hope for just as much interest especially seen as we are lucky to line up Shay Banon founder of ElasticSearch, who will host a full hands on session, no slides, driven by real life usage of ElasticSearch.

Our second speaker will be announced later this week. There are limited spaces so make sure you register your interest.

Sign up now!

Training session at Berlin Buzzwords

bbuzzwords_logo_social_witheardate(1).pngBerlin Buzzwords is the event that focuses on scalable search, data-analysis in the cloud and NoSQL-databases. With more than 30 talks and presentations of international speakers specific to the three tags “search”, “store” and “scale” this year registrations are storming in.

Once again this year we will offer training opportunities the two days following the event (6th & 7th June). On popular demand we will host a special Lucene & Solr training in a location very close to Urania in Berlin.

For all Berlin Buzzwords delegates we offer a EUR 300 discount so for more information & registration check out our website now. Discount code berlinbuzzwordsvip.

GOTO discount for Orange11 blog readers


The GOTO event this year is promised to be even bigger & better, the new location of the Beurs van Berlage (Stock Exchange) is a highlight in itself. As for the top-notch speakers they include some well-known names in the industry including Simon Brown the founder of Coding the Architecture and Greg Young co-founder and CTO of IMIS, a stock market analytics firm in Vancouver BC.

Readers that sign up now can enjoy a further EUR 75 discount off the conference price. Use the discount code orange11vip when signing up.

Also don’t forget the price goes up every day, but you can freeze the price the moment at which you show your interest.

Special training session prior to GOTO Amsterdam

The same Lucene & Solr training we offer above in Berlin will also be available in Amsterdam prior to GOTO Amsterdam. GOTO delegates can also enjoy a EUR 300 discount so for more information & registration check out our website now. Discount code gotovip.

This is a PUBLIC TRAINING so also open to non-GOTO attendees as well.

Click here for more information.

Don’t miss out on our Spring special offer


We mentioned last month that we have launched a special offer for onsite Solr & Lucene training. The Spring Sale offers 25% off a 2-day training offered by our own active and leading Lucene & Solr committers and contributors. The training covers firstly how the Apache Lucene engine operates and thereafter introduces Solr in detail. It also includes advance search functionalities, data indexing and last but not least performance tuning and scalability.

It’s already proved to be very popular, but remember the offer is limited to the month of April so make sure you sign up now via our website.

Interesting reads…

So if you have any time left over after all the events, our earlier blogs here have also proved a popular read, they covered:

Using the spring-data project and the mongodb adapter specifically

Vaadin portlets with add-ons in Liferay

Spring Insight

So that ‘s all for now folks, more in the month of May.