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Setting up Maven to use Grunt/NodeJS

October 7th, 2014 by

grunt-logo For one of our projects we wanted to automate javascript concatenation/minification/tests and incorporate it into our maven build. While there are a number of maven plugins for those tasks, I’ve found that depending on another technology offered so much more and basically ended up integrating Grunt into our maven build. Grunt is a task runner which runs in node.js¬†and it along with its plugins (tasks) are distributed with NPM. One could compare it with Maven + Ant with one big advantage for frontenders, it’s all javascript driven. This advantage means there’s a wider scenery of tooling catered specifically (but not exclusively) for frontend development and makes it quite delightful to find and use tools. It will feel weird to integrate a dependency manager and task runner into another dependency manager and task runner, but it actually makes sense from a polyglot point of view. Don’t worry though, we will be using¬†Maven to add Grunt to the build.
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