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Authenticate against a hippo repository using spring security

July 17th, 2012 by

Within a number of my projects we use Hippo to create a website. Hippo contains a JackRabbit repository that has capabilities for authenticating and authorizing users. Hippo builds on this functionality for its own security model. In most of these projects we create an integration component to store content in the repository from other systems and retrieve content from the repository to be useful in other applications. The integration component contains a web interface created using spring-mvc. We use spring-security to secure the web application. Since we do not want to maintain a separate list of users for the integration application we want to authenticate against the hippo repository. In my current project we have a lot of users that do not need access to the integration web application. We want to reuse the security domains functionality of Hippo to authorize the users.

In this blog post I am going to explain the different parts of the solution in such a way that you can use the solution in your own project.

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Running Hippo CMS from Intellij

February 3rd, 2012 by

For a number of years we are doing hippo development using our beloved tool “Intellij”. We can import the project using the pom. Deploying from within Intellij was done using the maven provided jetty integration to run the cms. Then we would run the site in another tomcat or as well from maven with jetty. Not very fast, but it works. In release 7.6 (I think) hippo changed the deployment model. They have provided a mechanism to use cargo from maven to start the cms as well as the site within one tomcat instance.

If you want to give the default mechanism a spin, create a new project using the hippo maven archetype and use the cargo integration to run the new project. Steps on how to do this and some links will be presented later on.

Not all developers are the same, maybe some of them still want to use cargo and others want to pick up the challenge and use a tool like eclipse to do the job. Therefore we want to have a mechanism that supports most of the developers out there.

In this blogpost I am going to show you how you can create a structure supporting all these different deployment options. Of course the demonstration that it works is done with Intellij.

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