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Summer time…

Summer time…

For those you may have missed our newsletter last week I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a quick lowdown of what we’ve been up to. The summer months have been far from quiet and I’m pretty excited to share in this month’s edition lots of news on projects, products & upcoming events. […]

Creating a mobile version of your website with Spring Mobile and Sitemesh

Creating a mobile version of your website with Spring Mobile and Sitemesh

About a year ago I developed an Android app for my website, but as not everybody has an Android device I wanted to create a mobile version of my website. In the mobile version I want to present slightly different data to make it look more like the app. In this post I will show […]

Use immutable objects in your Spring MVC controller by implementing your own WebArgumentResolver

How flexible is Spring MVC in combination with immutable objects? Why don’t we want Spring MVC decide for us how to build our objects used for binding? Curious how we tackled this problem? Read on! In our current project we are using Spring MVC 3 to build our frond-end. The binding mechanism of Spring MVC […]

Apache Lucene FlexibleScoring with IndexDocValues

During GoogleSummerOfCode 2011 David Nemeskey, PhD student, proposed to improve Lucene’s scoring architecture and implement some state-of-the-art ranking models with the new framework. Prior to this and in all Lucene versions released so far the Vector-Space Model was tightly bound into Lucene. If you found yourself in a situation where another scoring model worked better for your […]

Introducing Lucene Index Doc Values

Introducing Lucene Index Doc Values

From day one Apache Lucene provided a solid inverted index datastructure and the ability to store the text and binary chunks in stored field. In a typical usecase the inverted index is used to retrieve & score documents matching one or more terms. Once the matching documents have been scored stored fields are loaded for the top N […]

Debugging the dreaded “SEVERE: Error listenerStart” and “SEVERE: Error filterStart” tomcat error messages

Just a quick post that I hope might benefit others. If you have been developing web applications on tomcat for a while you have likely come the two error messages mentioned in the title. SEVERE: Error listenerStart Occurs when an exception is thrown in the contextInitialized method of a ServletContextListener SEVERE: Error filterStart Occurs when an […]

Axon Framework 1.0, first release candidate available

The Axon Framework 1.0 release is closing in. After over a year of development, all features planned for the 1.0 version are included. With the latest added features, Axon has become a powerful framework that helps developers implementing applications using on a CQRS based architecture. Although the 1.0-rc1 version doesn’t add a lot of new […]

Mahout at FOSDEM 2011 DataDevRoom

Last saturday, february 5th, FOSDEM 2011 hosted the DataDevRoom where talks were given on topics surrounding data analysis with free and open source software. I was there and gave an introductory talk on clustering with Apache Mahout. In case you missed the conference, read on to learn about some of the talks or checkout the […]