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Using logstash, elasticsearch and Kibana to monitor your video card – a tutorial

January 28th, 2014 by

A few weeks ago my colleague Jettro wrote a blog post about an interesting real-life use case for Kibana: using it to graph meta-data of the photos you took. Given that photography is not a hobby of mine I decided to find a use-case for Kibana using something closer to my heart: gaming.

This Christmas I treated myself to a new computer. The toughest decision I had to make was regarding the video card. In the end I went with a reference AMD R9 290, notoriously known for its noisiness. Because I’m really interested in seeing how the card performs while gaming, I decided to spent some time on my other hobby, programming, in order to come up with a video card monitoring solution based on logstash, elasticsearch & Kibana. Overkill? Probably. Fun? Definitely.

I believe it’s also a very nice introduction on how to set up a fully working setup of logstash – elasticsearch – Kibana. Because of the “Windowsy” nature of gaming, some of the commands listed are the Windows version. The Unix folk should have no problems translating these as everything is kept very simple.

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Trifork at Open Source Conference

December 11th, 2013 by

Last Friday I was with Elissa, Boaz and Shay from Elasticsearch and with Henk and Thomas from TriforkĀ at the Open Source conference where Trifork had a joint stand together with Elasticsearch. The Open Source conference is an annual event in the Benelux gathering industry leaders and speakers on the topics big data, cloud, mobile and social strategies. This year the event took place at Beurs Van Berlage in Amsterdam.

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