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Axon Framework 1.0, first release candidate available

The Axon Framework 1.0 release is closing in. After over a year of development, all features planned for the 1.0 version are included. With the latest added features, Axon has become a powerful framework that helps developers implementing applications using on a CQRS based architecture. Although the 1.0-rc1 version doesn’t add a lot of new […]

Enterprise Search using Solr and Lucene

The Enterprise Search market has long been dominated by commercial vendors and their products (e.g. Autonomy and Fast). We at JTeam feel that this era is finally over. At least for certain customers and requirements, there is finally a good Open Source alternative: Apache Solr, which is the Enterprise Search server based on Apache Lucene. […]

Axon Framework – the CQRS framework for Java – version 0.4 released

Axon Framework – the CQRS framework for Java – version 0.4 released

Last week, I published the 0.4 release of the Axon Framework. Axon helps developers build high performance, scalable and extensible applications using the CQRS pattern. The 0.4 release is a major step towards 1.0, and includes transactional event handling, high-performance caching repositories and easy configuration of event sourcing support. Furthermore, we have also built a […]