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Secure Digital Assessments with QTI – demo

December 12th, 2013 by

Over the last year we have been working very hard on our new and improved QTI Assessment Delivery Engine; version 3. With the previous versions we were more or less stuck to the QTI rendering and implemented a lot of custom developed code around it to get it working. Many of these features have been rewritten and implemented into the product’s core of version 3, of course taking into account the IMS QTI conformance.

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Latest news from Trifork Amsterdam

June 17th, 2013 by

Just 1 day to go until #3 GOTO Amsterdam

The team behind GOTO Amsterdam are raring to go and this time it’s already set to be the best year to date. Not only in terms of an impressive speaker line up and record number of delegates, but also the sponsors this year have pulled the stops out.

es logoWe at Trifork Amsterdam & Elasticsearch will be partners in crime this year and have a host of FREE fantastic giveaways including trainings seats & conference tickets to be redeemed across the globe. There’s also a chance to hear about the customers using Elasticsearch and get insights as to how best to implement Elasticsearch in a production environment. So if you’re at the event come and visit us (hint: if want to locate us, follow the scent of delicious warm waffles!).

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Digital assessments with the QTI delivery engine

May 23rd, 2012 by

For many of our customers in the Education domain we have spent a lot of time looking and exploring the impact of technology; in this particularly case especially with regards to digital assessments. Developing good digital assessment techniques is very important in order to measure and examine what students are actually learning.

We are proud and excited to share with you a short presentation on Digital assessments using the QTI delivery engine. This presentation will give you some insight on the capabilities of our Assessment Delivery Engine with use of the latest QTI standards. QTI is an Open Standard determined by the IMS Global organization and provides a solid basis to support interoperability for delivering assessments.

Just click here and you can experience an assessment for yourself. Our demo is a fun quiz all about The Netherlands using different questions types based on the QTI spec, some more advanced than others. The assessment engine will deliver these questions through any browser type, making it possible to assess on virtually any platform.

If you are not familiar with digital assessments with the use of the QTI delivery engine, here is a what we can offer:

  • Multi-platform assessments
  • Use in any existing Web Application
  • Customization and extension
  • High performance and scalable environments
  • Security and a robust solution

To discuss possibilities on how to tailor to your specific requirements and for more information just drop us a note. For now good luck with your assessment!

IMS QTI – the standard in digital examinations

February 27th, 2012 by

IMS Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) is a standard for the exchange of questions. This standard is currently used by many educational systems like N@tschool, Blackboard, Learn eXact, Moodle, Teletop, ILIAS, Studieweb and Fronter. It is also being used by examination applications like Respondus, QuestionMark Perception, Testvision and WinToets.

For many working in digital examinations, the QTI standard may not be a new phenomenon, it’s been around for a while. The interesting part is how it can be used.  Trifork is currently implementing a QTI assessment delivery engine that is opening new possibilities in digital examinations, assessments, publishing & many more areas. In our tech meeting this coming Thursday, we will tell you more about the standard and technology and how we have implemented it. The session will also include a detailed case study & demo of the assessment delivery system of the Computer Examination System for our customer CvE (College voor Examens). Furthermore, in the Netherlands, Kennisnet also supports this standard whereby as Trifork we are also actively participating and contributing to this work group.

We’re really excited about the QTI possibilities and have:

  1. a personalised demo of our QTI Player
  2. a screencast of how we are using the QTI player in action
  3. or alternatively for more information please get in touch via our website.