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Searching with the elasticshell

March 7th, 2013 by

So as promised here is a sequel to my previous post Introducing the elasticshell. Let’s start exactly where we left off…

What about search?
We of course need to search against the created index. We can provide queries as either json documents or Java QueryBuilders provided with the elasticsearch Java API, which are exposed to the shell as they are.
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Introducing the elasticshell

March 6th, 2013 by

A few days ago I released the first beta version of the elasticshell, a shell for elasticsearch. The idea I had was to create a command line tool that allows you to easily interact with elasticsearch.

Isn’t elasticsearch easy enough already?
I really do think elasticsearch is already great and really easy to use. However, on the other hand there is quite some API available and quite some json involved too. Also, interacting with REST APIs requires a tool other than the browser to use the proper http methods and so on. There are different solutions available: some of them are generic, like curl or browser plugins, while others are elasticsearch plugins like head or sense, that you can use to send json requests and see the result, still in json format. What was missing is a command line tool, something that plays the role of the mongo shell in the elasticsearch world. That’s ambitious, isn’t it?

In the meantime the es2unix tool has been released by Drew, a member of the elasticsearch team. The interesting approach taken there is to hide all the json and show only text in a nice tabular format, providing an executable command that makes possible to pipe its output to other unix commands like grep, sort and awk. That’s a great idea, and an even greater result I must say.

A json friendly environment
I decided to take another approach: provide an environment that makes it easier to play around with all that json. That’s why I started writing a javascript shell, where json is native and it’s relatively easy to provide auto-suggestions directly within json objects. I also wanted to use the elasticsearch Java API, which are complete, performant, and powerful, allowing to even fire a new node if needed.
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January Newsletter

January 25th, 2012 by

Once again, the festive season is behind us and we all start the year as always with a bunch of new years resolutions. At Dutchworks we have made a few of our own too and we’re totally committed to achieving them. Our goals are to:

  1. Recruit the top talent in the industry and engage them with colleagues, customers & projects they can be proud of
  2. Achieve maximum project delivery reliability by striving for top quality & a rock solid delivery process
  3. Explore our key business domains (even more) and gain maximum exposure and experience in these markets.

Watch this space, as we’ll keep you posted on how we are getting on as the year progresses.

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