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Orange11 Tech Meeting – Sign up now for the April tech meeting

March 19th, 2012 by

Although the name has changed, the concept is still the same! ūüėČ We organize our monthly FREE tech meeting with typically two sessions on interesting (technical) topics. The session are held at our office in Amsterdam, start at 16.00, end around 20.00 and include beer & pizza. The topics for this month’s session on Thursday April 5, 2012 are:

  • Apache HTTP Server¬†– Even though this project doesn’t need an introduction anymore; to celebrate its 17th birthday (and the recently released version 2.4), we would like to invite you to a presentation of the Apache HTTP server and some of the most used modules by Mohamed El Moussaoui, one of our own Sofware Engineers at Orange11.
  • Clojure¬†– an insight into this programming language including syntax & data structures, a common interface to rule them all: sequences, code as data for a programmable programming language (macros) and much more.¬†We have the pleasure of welcoming Carlo Sciolla an external speaker for this session.
Expand your knowledge and share yours with us!

Sign up now!

IMS QTI – the standard in digital examinations

February 27th, 2012 by

IMS Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) is a standard for the exchange of questions. This standard is currently used by many educational systems like N@tschool, Blackboard, Learn eXact, Moodle, Teletop, ILIAS, Studieweb and Fronter. It is also being used by examination applications like Respondus, QuestionMark Perception, Testvision and WinToets.

For many working in digital examinations, the QTI standard may not be a new phenomenon, it’s been around for a while. The interesting part is how it can be used. ¬†Trifork is currently implementing a QTI assessment delivery engine that is opening new possibilities in digital examinations, assessments, publishing & many more areas. In our tech meeting this coming Thursday, we will tell you more about the standard and technology and how we have implemented it. The session will also include a detailed case study & demo of the assessment delivery system of the Computer Examination System for our customer CvE (College voor Examens). Furthermore, in the Netherlands, Kennisnet also supports this standard whereby as Trifork we are also actively participating and contributing to this work group.

We’re really excited about the QTI possibilities and have:

  1. a personalised demo of our QTI Player
  2. a screencast of how we are using the QTI player in action
  3. or alternatively for more information please get in touch via our website.

January Newsletter

January 25th, 2012 by

Once again, the festive season is behind us and we all start the year as always with a bunch of new years resolutions. At Dutchworks we have made a few of our own too and we’re totally committed to achieving them. Our goals are to:

  1. Recruit the top talent in the industry and engage them with colleagues, customers & projects they can be proud of
  2. Achieve maximum project delivery reliability by striving for top quality & a rock solid delivery process
  3. Explore our key business domains (even more) and gain maximum exposure and experience in these markets.

Watch this space, as we’ll keep you posted on how we are getting on as the year progresses.

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