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Basic Axon Framework sample using vert.x and angular.js

November 27th, 2012 by

Some people on the Axon Framework mailing list were asking for more basic samples, preferably using something like vert.x. Since I am familiar with Axon as well as vert.x I thought I could help out. Therefore I have created a very basic application based on vert.x using the Axon Framework. The application is all about maintaining a list of TODO items. These items are shared between all connected web browsers. You have to be able to create a new TODO item and you have to be able to mark them as completed.

During my visit of Devoxx I learned about a front-end framework called AngularJS. This is a very nice addition to the vert.x technology stack. Since I always use Bootstrap for my front-end work, the front-end should look familiar to a lot of you. The following images shows the end result of the application. If you want to know how I created the sample, read on.

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Getting inspired by GOTO Amsterdam

May 30th, 2012 by

GOTO amsterdam 2012 960x175

Last Thursday and Friday I went to GOTO Amsterdam. This event was co-organized by Orange11 just like last year. One of the best parts about going to conferences is that they are not only interesting but inspiring too. I personally like the talks with good speakers, of course the best talks are the ones with good speakers and great content. So how do you develop great content?

For me, the best content is based upon a little insight to make you think about the context even further for yourself. Content that inspires you to have a look at a new language, a new framework or new concepts. That is what this blog post is all about. I am not going to share my thoughts on the conference itself (I’ll leave this to Bram!), I’m going to share the things that inspired me from a content perspective.

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